10 Best iPhone Tricks You Need to Know

If you are an iPhone user, you might be unaware of some of the most amazing features your smartphone possesses. We have compiled here a list of top 10 best iPhone tricks that you may find useful. Read on to know what exciting things your iPhone can do and you are ignorant of it.

Set Private Photos

If you do not want others to see some of your photos, you can set privacy for those photos. It lets you show your holiday photos to your friends and family while keeping your private photos hidden. Select the picture you want to hide, tap Share and then select Hide. The photo will be moved to the hidden folder within the photo album.

iPhone Spirit Level

Do you know your iPhone has a built-in spirit level? Rather than downloading another app, you may use the built-in feature. Open the compass app and swipe left to know the spirit level. You can change spirit level displays by turning phone edge.

Take Photo during Video Recording

The smartphone lets you capture photos and record videos at the same time. This feature might not have surprised you because you are likely to find it easily. While recording a video, you will see another button be sides the record button. Tap that button to take a photo without interrupting your video recording.

Zoom in With Three Finger Tap

You might be unaware of three finger zoom feature of your iPhone because the feature to zoom in your iPhone screen is buried deep in iPhone Settings. This option is usually disabled by default. Activate this feature by going to Settings>General > Accessibility > Zoom. Once you activate this feature,you can double tap the screen with three fingers to zoom in iPhone screen. You can also activate Show Controller option in the same menu to get a pan tool to navigate around your zoomed in screen.

Assign Ring Tones to Contacts

If your hands are busy to pick out your mobile phone from your pocket or hand bag, you can easily find out who is calling you without accessing your phone. You can do this by assigning different ring tones to your contacts.Go to contacts, select the number, tap edit and set ring tone to identify callers from their ring tones.   

Repeat Last Call

If you want to redial a contact number to which you made your last call, there is a shortcut to get that number on your screen again.Launch the phone app and tap the green call button on the keypad rather than hitting ‘Recent’ tab. This will let you make an instant call to your last dialed number. 

Do Not Disturb while Driving

You are not allowed to use your mobile phones while driving.So, your iPhone helps you to obey the rule by offering Do Not Disturb feature.You can activate Do Not Disturb option from Settings. It will automatically send customized messages to specific senders. iOS also have an app named Do Not Disturb While Driving that prevents you from being distracted from calls or messages. 

Teach Siri Uncommon Names 

You can help Sir i to learn pronunciation of uncommon words or names. To do this, activate Siri and ask here “Can I help you learn how to pronounce XYZ’s name?” She will guide you about the process to teach these new words.

Respond to Missed Calls

If you are driving or in a meeting where you are unable to attend phone calls, iPhone lets you set pre-written text responses for missed calls. To set a respond, go to Settings > Phone> Respond with text and create your own response. You can also use default responds but it is better option that you create your own as per your needs.


Your iPhone has a built-in magnifier that helps you read text that is hard to read in normal mode. Rather than turning on your phone camera that keeps losing focus, you can activate iOS built-in magnifier. To activate the magnifier, go to Settings > General> Accessibility > Magnifier. Once you activate magnifier from settings, you can activate it again by triple clicking the home button. These are 10 best iPhone tips and tricks you should know about. You might have stumbled upon some of these tricks accidentally and many others are new to you, we hope. You can share other great iPhone tips and tricks with us that you have found and keep visiting us to know about interesting facts about iOS.