5 Android App Issues and How to Solve Them



The Android platform offers great stability, protection from malware and reliability. However, this is not the case all the time. At some time during the app lifecycle, you will experience 99% failure. You will run into problems. This article will give you a rundown of the few common problems that have been encountered and reported, plus how to solve them. This list is not exhaustive. It lists only 5 Android apps issues and tells us how to solve them. An android phone is hale and hearty when it is bought. However, as it starts getting older, the problems start cropping up.

5 android app issues and how to solve them

  1. Low internal memory

This is the most annoying message that is displayed whenever the internal memory has dried up. You should kick out the old photos, junk files, and apps that you have stocked up on your favorite device to free it from unwanted encumbrances. You can also back up the files to the cloud if they are important. Cloud services like Dropbox, Google photos for photos and Google Drive are a convenient way of helping phones with low internal memory.

  1. Insufficient space on your device

low internal memory

Android tends to allocate fixed storage space for apps. Users cannot expand it beyond a certain capacity. This is because you have cluttered your phone with useless apps. You will have to free up space on your Android device in order to free up space. The quickest way to free up space on your device is to use the CCleaner. Use DiskUsage to get a visual display of where all your memory is going. DiskUsage helps to display the file locations and their size on your device. You will need to get your hard disc cleaned before you can start using other people’s phones to call up people who matter to you.

  1. Google play store not downloading apps

At times, Google play will not let apps install. There are two popular fixes for this threat. The first is to wipe off Google Play’s catch and the second is to erase Google Play’s history. The best solution for this is to wipe off Google play’s cache. At times, erasing Google Play’s History can also help. To wipe Google Play’s Cache:

  • Settings>Apps>Swipe right to locate the ‘alt’ Tab>Locate Google Play store and wipe cache and data>Restart your phone

Wiping Google Play’s History:

  • Open Google Play Store>Go To Settings>Choose Clear History
  1. How to reinstall the Google Play Store

How to reinstall the Google Play Store

It is very difficult to uninstall the Google Play Store without access to its root. Most users try to delete the Google Play Store and think now no one will trouble them. However, they have merely disabled the Google Play Store and not deleted it. In order to get the Play store functional again do the following:

Go to Settings>Apps>Swipe right to locate the “disabled” Tab>Reenable Google Play Store using the icon which says ‘re-enable’.

  1. How do I install Google Play?

Some tablets and smartphones do not come with the Google Play Store installed. Users of such tablets and smartphones will have to locate an android installable file from a third party and install it so that the software can run on your tablet or smartphone. However, before you do this, you will need to enable the third party sources by the following method:

Settings>Security>Check the box for unknown sources

Once you have checked it, you can easily install it.  If this fails, you can always watch videos online and try installing the Google Play Store.


These were some of the commonly faced issues and their solutions on Android smartphones or tablets. Apart from this, there are a few other issues, which cannot be handled by a system restart. Such issues can be sorted out by reading another article like this.  You will be surprised to know that Android is the most robust operating system around. It may be immune to malicious software, unlike windows, however; it still has its share of malware problems. Recovery from any software fault is very simple. It just takes a few button presses and voila, it is sorted out.

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