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5 Essential Tech Tools for Sales People

tech tools for sales people

Today, advancements and innovations in technology have not only transformed how individuals perform their jobs, but it has also refined it in such a way that they get better results. Consequently, those who possess better technological tools would be more a lot more efficient and productive at their jobs. In a sense, having these tools at your disposal and exploiting them appropriately would certainly give you an edge over your competitors. Moreover, these technological tools would give you specific advantages that would not have been possible had it not been for their existence. In more ways than one, these very same tools can be considered as avenues for performing your jobs effectively and getting the results you want. Today, specific innovations in technology would provide an enormous leap that competing in business sans their assistance would be unimaginable. Sure, you might think that having a set of productivity apps for salespeople can be easily overlooked, but they surely contribute to the success of your overall strategy as well as your marketing campaign.

CR“It is not good enough anymore to use ‘gut-feel’ and best guesses to build and grow your sales team, especially when there are tools to help you make solid decisions based on predictable results.” -Lori Richardson

If you have ever wanted an advantage in a highly-competitive market, here are some tools that would assist you:

  • A Regularly Used CRM

Contact Relation Management Contact Relation Management (CRM for brevity)is an excellent avenue for connecting you with prospective clients and customers. This tool gives you not only immediate access to contact information but in conjunction with that feature, you would also be able to access vital facts essential to the success of your marketing strategy and campaign. CRM technology would allow you to enter information quickly and then be able to recall that in a snap which can be potentially useful in terms of contacting past prospects who were not ready to move forward then but are willing to do so now.

  • A Video Creation Tool

Video Creation

Today, your prospective clients are far more visual. They do not want to waste time reading about your products and services, they would rather have it presented to them. More importantly, videos tend to convey your messages better and it enhances your communication with prospects as well as customers. In this regard, it is not enough that you have a video creation tool. You must also be knowledgeable as to how to use it. Find a tool that is rather easy to use, has the features you want and would help you stand out.

  • Evernote


By now, you must have already heard about the unique organizing prowess of the app called Evernote. This brilliant tool allows you to store all kinds of information as well as make quick audio notes which you can then review. Audio notes can become rather imperative when it comes to meetings wherein it can be easy to lose focus if you tend to jot everything down.

  • Fast Access to the Internet

Fast access to the internet

In a world that is perpetually connected to the Internet, it could be potentially damaging to your marketing campaign if you operated on a clunky and slow internet speed—or even worse, without it. You need to have the ability to get to the internet fast wherever you are—may that be on the road or on vacation. In this way, you would always stay on top of your prospects list and stay connected to them should they need to communicate with you. Ideally, it is best to have two carriers as relying on one source opens you up to the possibility of having no reception or network coverage. Should one is weak, you can always try the other.

  • Backup Batteries for your Smartphone and Tablet

power bank

Know that you are going to subject both your phone and tablets to heavy usage if you are working on a prospect. With this in mind, it is best to come prepared. In fact, having no power bank in this time and age is considered unimaginable. After all, as you would be always on the go, having either of your gadgets dead at the most inopportune moment can be quite frustrating. Always have an extra in hand. You will breathe easier even as your battery dwindles away knowing that you can just charge it from your power bank.

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