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5 rules to execute a digital marketing communication strategy

As civilisation emerged from Stone Age to a digital world, changes in communication technology are worth noticing. From hieroglyphs to letters, phone call and internet; communication witnessed massive shifts throughout decades. Technological revolution has a major impact on all industries regardless of their size and service!

Modern day tools made interaction swift, economical and precise. For effective difficult marketing communication, devising coherent and cohesive strategies while executing them in real marketing world is important. Here, we don’t mean flooding websites with ads or engaged in viral promotional campaigns over social media as both strategies are a path towards failure.

  1. Brand establishment & message positioning

Brand and positioning messages serve as basic elements of all marketing-oriented communication be it digital or otherwise. Here, message relays attitude or personality of a particular business/product that tells how effectively you communicate. If your brand is practicing irreverence, it’ll directly affect marketing communication. Meanwhile, your positioning message allows customers to know where you stand in market when compared with competitors.

  1. Goal setting & social media selection

Many businesses move their operations to social media without clearly defining what they want from it; in-short, goals aren’t summarised. For instance, sewage pumping company gains little from Pinterest or any other relevant site since consumers don’t wish to see gross images of inside the sewage. Still, the site Pinterest offer tremendous opportunities for embryonic artists and photographers.

  1. Mind the data

In general, business website is a nerve centre for digital marketing communication as it drives traffic; ensuring long-term success and online presence. Every social networking site plays a crucial role such as actively maintaining Twitter, YouTube or FaceBook account ensure visitors for these sites so on. Take necessary steps to ensure maximum security as online data is more of a target for cyber criminals. Don’t waste excess time and cost over anything for if strategy fails over time, you’ll incur a much bigger loss.

  1. Exclusive features of technology over communication


  1. Rate of communication have been amplified with email, instant messaging, social network tools and especially smart devices. From individual users to business tycoons around the world, all are connected to each other in a most stunning way like video conferencing. Such technologies were considered as pure Sci-Fi if we go back some 15 years but not anymore. Holographic communication as seen in famous space movies is also possible however technology is still in its developmental phase.
  • Ease of access & competence level

Ongoing development paved way for cloud computing; a means to store crucial data and manage entire organisation from the confines of your bedroom. It includes virtual/cloud servers that you can access anytime, anywhere as long as internet connectivity isn’t compromised. The technology is widely accepted especially by business organisations around the world. Once integrated, industries witnessed more than 70 percent productivity and less failure.

  1. Web banners

Though annoying at times, web banners are excellent communication tool shaping traditional advertising practices. It’s more specific, user oriented and clear in explaining features about a particular product in mere seconds. This further raised a competition between digital marketing, television and newspaper agencies as they’re more strategically involved with each other to gain upper hand.


At Traffic Digital, we execute a flawless digital marketing strategy that actually communicates driven by modern tech trends.

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