5 Tips to Keep a Motivated Workforce

The level of dedication, enthusiasm and energy that the workforce brings to the company is known as employee motivation. Motivating employees remains the central goal of the management regardless of the company’s status, because all organizations know that employees are valuable assets who possess the power to make your company flourish. So, motivation is the most critical aspect of every organization. A positive and motivational environment across the organization can be done through different strategies.Therefore, motivation is the right of every employee.

The reasons to keep a motivated workforce are:

  • Employees feel encouraged and contribute better to the organization’s goal
  • It helps keep the talented and productive employees in the organization
  • High quality work is produced because a motivated worker works in full swing
  • It helps in improving employee’s efficiency and self-development

Creating or maintaining a motivated workforce is not everyone’s cup of tea. The organization requires to make efforts day and night as well as bear expenses for that enhancement of employee’s satisfaction. It may be tough and may take time but a motivated workplace is the only way to achieve high level of employee productivity. 

Here are 5 tips to keep a motivated workforce.

Tips to Motivate Your Employees and Keep a Motivated Workplace


Positive communication at a workplace is the simplest way of increasing motivation of employees. Ensuring that your employees don’t just rely on the emails and hard copies, but interact in person, which is important.Communicating with people at the workplace boosts employee’s confidence and trust on co-workers. Workmates are also the source of encouragement as they put trust on you and make you feel like a potential employee.

As a boss, you can join your team members sometimes for lunch or coffee to have a friendly interaction and make employees feel like you a part of their team, not a capricious boss. That’s how you can get to know your employees better, evaluate their weaknesses and strengths, and motivate them by communicating in a positive manner. Also, you can do One2one performance review weekly or monthly.  So,facilitating effective communication increases employee’s motivation in a number of ways:

  • Information Distribution:   Information should be forwarded that an employee thinks is vital, such as changes in company’s focus or changes in plans of workforce. This makes the employee feel respected by the management and enhances his or her confidence
  • Relationships:  An effective workplace comprised of the effective relationship built between employees, department, management and all other levels. These relationships can be strengthen through clear and straight communication, which helps to generate high level of productivity and support staff motivation
  • Training Programs:  Communication within an organization plays a critical role in organizing training programs that helps the employee to succeed and polish his/her job skills

The best work is generated by the best motived employee. 

Health and Safety

The most important thing for every individual is their health. No one should compromise when it comes to health. Employees work harder for a company if they know that they are being looked after. 

So,organizations should provide proper health facilities to every employee to make them think that they are valued. What is worse than having a sick employee who makes other sick? Helping in maintaining the healthy lifestyle of employees would be great idea, as it can result in reduced sick leaves, increase efficiency and keep the environment energetic. 

This can be done by planning virtual doctor consultation, weekly running, yoga, swimming or gym classes with other employees. Also, you can motivate them by giving them free medical opportunities from hospitals for them and their family.

Safety initiatives reduce employee’s injuries greatly, which effects employee’s perception about the organization and makes them stay for a longer period of time.

Lively Environment

Everybody loves to work in a refreshing environment. So it is significant to create a warm, welcoming and encouraging environment for your employees. Whereas,boredom should be diminished from the workplaces, because a rigid and formal atmosphere encourages boredom and discourages creativity.

To maintain a motivated workforce, keep things vibrant and lively. Build an appealing,comfortable physical space for work that motivates people to come to daily.Think of renewing old repetitive tasks, plan out lunch or dinner with your team, give breaks to your employees, plan a picnic, improve communication and improve the internal environment by reviving wall paints, lightings and furniture.

Incentive Programs

People stick to one organization if they find a reason to, otherwise they keep on switching.So, it is worth starting an incentive program for employees you want to stay and work for you because if people are aware of being rewarded for certain tasks, they will work perpetually to receive the reward.

Undoubtedly,incentive programs are proved as a tool of increasing productivity and satisfaction. The survey reveals that 89% of companies got good rating from their employees who use financial incentives to motivate them.

These programs are set according to the employees. First, identify what encourages your workers, then plan your incentive program which may include profit sharing, raising bonuses, discount coupons, raising stock option, giving certificates, gifts etc.

Acknowledge the Efforts

There should be a friendly atmosphere with approachable teams at a workplace to make employees feel as a family. They are likely to share their creative ideas, opinions and suggestions if they get a team of amiable people who listen and motivate.

Employees do not express themselves mostly because of the fear of being ignored or ridiculed. Also, make them feel valuable by acknowledging their work and effort as an important contribution to the organization’s future. After knowing that they have some impact on the organization, Employees will feel proud and better engage in their work.

Rewards are not always needed for encouraging employees.Simple comments like “thank you” or “good job” are sufficient for to make an employee feel supreme. These comments have the power to build employee satisfaction and willingness to work harder.






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