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5 Android Apps to Create Stunning Photographs in 2018

Android Apps to Create Stunning Photographs

Before we begin let me ask you, before buying a new phone what are the top features you look into it? Display? Ram? Storage? Camera? But we don’t really get all these features bunched in a single one.

Talking about mobile camera, have you ever wondered about how mobile clicked snapshots look perfect too as those high-quality DSLR ones. Of course, pictures taken from DSLR are irreplaceable but as we ‘click and pose’ whole day. Our mobile camera’s have proved to be the easiest way to snap photos.

And don’t you think Clicking photographs are the second most utilized feature of our smartphone after surfing the internet? why it won’t be? Afterall, with the growth of “selfie” trend we do click photos every where we go.

Therefore, to make up your photos much more ravishing than before we’ve lined up some amazing apps for you.

 Beauty Plus- Easy Photo Editor.

Beauty Plus

Beauty plus offers 20+ editing and retouching tools to make your photograph look much more fascinating than before. It takes your mobile photography game to next level with varieties of inbuilt filters and effects.


Skin Editor – adds radiant complexion, retouch skin tone for the makeover with an addition of blemish remover.

Perfect eyes- removes dark circles, brighten eyes, changes eye color

Photo editors- Blur effect, crop, resize and trim, photo effects.

Download Photo Editing Beauty App for Android.

Auto Stamper- Stamping Camera App

Auto Stamper- Stamping Camera App

Autostamper captures photos with default mobile camera and labels your photograph with 4 different watermark stamps i.e date timestamp, signature stamp, logo watermark stamp as well as GPS location stamp.


3-in-1 package- Date and timestamp, Add text to photo, watermark logo stamp

Varieties of date and font formats to decorate your photos

Adjustable Stamp positions, color options, and size.

Download Photo Stamping App for Android.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera

A better camera offers you full-featured android camera with advanced features like HDR, Panorama, multishot, night mode and much more. It has a full access to all camera controls, settings and functions to get you the best out of it.

Features :

Video and photo time lapse, video recording + pause

Focus and shutter speed priority, Raw photo capturing

Iso option, white balance, fine detailing with vibrant colors.

Download Better Camera Photo App for Android.

Candy Camera photo editor

Candy -Camera-photo editor-Android

This app is specifically developed for clicking and enhancing “selfie’s ” and it is also known for clicking photos silently everywhere you go. It offers you to click photographs with varieties of filters and effects to enhance it like a pro!


Beautifying default features for “selfie”

Beauty functions like slimming, whitening, concealing and much more.

Varieties of stickers as well as collage creating options.

Download Candy Photo Editor App for android.

Vintage Retro Camera

Vintage Retro Camera

This has proved to be the perfect app to give Polaroid effects to all your photographs. it claims to make your photographs a level up by vintage filters and frames. Additionally, you can even give your videos a retro look and make them look like an old vintage movie clip.

Features :

Over 20 camera filter affects to give your photos and videos an old gold look

Photographic styles like bokeh, hipster, indie, grunge, and ethics.

Varieties of vintage frames of Bollywood as well as NewYork street styles.

Download Retro Old Camera App for Android

Coming to the conclusion for today, the above-mentioned list is quite a long one but they are summed up to give you the best photography experience when you click pictures using your mobile handset.

If you have any suggestions or think we have missed some of them, do let us know. All your suggestions are gladly received!

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I am Disha Parchani and have a keen interest in writing about latest Android Apps, tools, discovering new aspects of digital marketing as well. When I’m not writing you will find me exploring different restaurants.

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