Are you a Helicopter Mom?

Being protective about your children is an obvious thing but you must know how long is so long. The things become irritating when you never give your kid the enough space. It does not just put a negative impact on your relationship with your children but it may also cause your teenagers to adopt a dangerous track. They may become reluctant to share their experiences and sentiments with you because you are always very probing.

Rather than becoming helicopter mom, you need to be a smart mom. There are different ways you can adopt to protect your children from the threats prevailing in the real and digital world without annoying them. For example, if you are concerned about their mobile phone use you can use cell phone monitoring and parental control app to keep a check on their cell phone use.This article discusses how you can make use of parental control and monitoring application to supervise the online and offline activities of your children.

TheOneSpy Parental Control & Spy App

The parental control apps enable parents to manage the technology use of children. You can track their activities performed on the cell phones and control these activities as well. There are several cell phone applications that claim to facilitate child monitoring. However, picking up a reliable and efficient app for child monitoring can be a challenging task for non-tech savvy parents. We have reviewed the top cell phone spy and parental control apps and found out the best for you.

TheOneSpy is a reliable, feature-rich and inexpensive cellphone monitoring app that is developed for legitimate monitoring of cell phones of children. The app is compatible with Android and iOS based cell phones. It enables parents to supervise activities performed on the cell phone as well as in the vicinity of that cell phone. All you can know without probing or remaining close to your kids.

How does Parental Control App Work?

The parental control app starts working immediate after successful installation on the targeted cell phone. Once you get your kids’Android or iOS mobile phones installed with the spy app, you can start tracking their activities. To get an iPhone installed with spy app, you need to jailbreak the iOS device first. However, if you are not interested in jailbreaking your kids’ phone, you can take the advantage of the non-jailbreak iOS monitoring solution of TheOneSpy. You only need to provide iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone into the online control panel of spy software. After that you can monitor and control the targeted cell phone via online portal of spyware software.

What Can Parental Control App Do?

The cell phone monitoring application can do innumerable things letting parents to stay updated about every single activity of their kids without becoming helicopter parents.

Monitor Social Media & IM

TheOneSpy lets you monitor activities performed on social media and instant messaging apps. Parents can track Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Telegram, Tumblr, IMO, Skype, Tinder, Kik and many other social messengers installed on kids’ phones.

Monitor Messages & Calls

You can read every message received and sent by your kid via monitored cell phone. The spy app accesses all incoming and outgoing text messages and multimedia messages to upload them to the online portal.

Monitor Media Files

The cell phone spy app lets you see and download photos,videos and other media files stored on your kids’ monitored cell phone. You just need to log into the online portal of the spy app to monitor these media files.

Track Internet Use

The spy app lets you access internet browsing history of your kids’ smartphones. You can know what sort of websites they visit and at what time.

Screen Capturing

You can monitor the real-time activities of your children with the help of on-demand screenshots. Just send command through online portal and make the targeted cell phone to take multiple shots of the screen to let you know what your kids are doing on their phones.

Surround Monitoring

The spy app lets you operate cameras and microphone of the targeted cell phone to see and record what is happening in the surroundings. You can take photos, make videos and record surrounding sounds by sending a command via online portal of spy app.

The cell phone spy app offers numerous other features letting parents to keep their children under surveillance without becoming helicopter parents. Know more about the app by visiting the official website of TheOneSpy.






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