How to protect your PC from Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware Attacks

Summary: Ransomware is one of the emerging online threats that need our ample attention right now.With the ever-rising technological advancements, it becomes essential to have a grip on such issues. For this, we have framed a blog that can guide you in knowing the imperative points to resolve such issues with ease. Ransomware is one … Read more

10 Ways High Speed Internet Can Relieve Business Stress

Relieve Business Stress

We lose patient whenever the 3G on our smartphones slows down. Hey, nobody wants their web experience to be interrupted, right? No wonder we reach out to AT&T customer service immediately to get the issue fixed. Imagine how much of a problem slow internet could be for a business. It won’t just affect the productivity … Read more

Top 10 Strategies for Small Businesses to Skyrocket Their Sales

Small Businesses to Skyrocket Their Sales

Coming up with a burning idea for a startup is indeed difficult.But, do you know what is more backbreaking? Attracting more customers and sustaining your leads. It takes your blood, sweat, and tears. Many entrepreneurs believe that innovative products are capable enough to grab the attention of potential customers and increase sales. But, that’s the … Read more

Design Strategies for Making a Perfect Business Logo in 2020

Business Logo

Visual identity is the central aspect of a company’s marketing strategy mainly because it interacts with the audience on a much larger scale as compared to other branding elements. Visual identity is memorable, and the audience can easily recall it while coming across related information. A logo can communicate the fundamental business values of a … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 has been released and it, undoubtedly, worth buying. The smartphone serves as the perfect competitor of Apple’s latest lineup of phones. The technology giant has up graded the S series with three new smartphones i.e., Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 E. The standard S10 is competitor … Read more

How to Do Screen Recording of WhatsApp Messenger?

Social networking apps these days are very popular among everyone. You may have seen people texting and striking continuously on mobile phone keypads all day long. What do you think what they really do on their cell phones especially when it is connected to the internet? Obviously, they are using social messaging apps on their … Read more

Are you a Helicopter Mom?

Helicopter Mom

Being protective about your children is an obvious thing but you must know how long is so long. The things become irritating when you never give your kid the enough space. It does not just put a negative impact on your relationship with your children but it may also cause your teenagers to adopt a … Read more

Safety Precautions for Kids in Cars

Kids Safety Precautions

A parent’s love for a child is without question one of the strongest emotions on planet earth (and beyond). This is because your child is an extension of you. You treat your little with a greater level of love that you treat your own self with. It is one of the greatest feelings that can … Read more

Why You Should Learn and Pursue a Career in Photography

Learn Photography

Photography is afield that is always bustling and full of creativity. Gone is the era in India where everyone wants to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer. Even parents and the elders have opened up their minds to different education courses and career choices. This is mostly owed to the fact that they have realized … Read more