Everything You Need to Know About Basement Egress Windows

Egress literally means “to emerge” or “a way out.” The definition of egress is directly applicable to the design principles of the egress windows.

These windows can be installed in any room and to help you escape in case of an emergency. But before you get these windows installed, you must pass the strict building codes for the occupants to exit safely and enable the rescuers to enter the building.

Simply put, if a fire occurs in the bedroom or any part of the house, you can use these windows to escape and the firemen can use it to enter the building. Needless to say, they are an important addition to your house. And of you are planning to get an egress window for your basement, then you can reap many other benefits, such as natural light and ventilation, apart from a safe escape route.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about egress windows including tips about its installation, maintenance, as well as detailed benefits.

  • Increase property value: Did you know that when you get an egress window in your house, you automatically increase the value of your property. These windows play an important role in bringing your structure up to building code. So when you sell your property, you will be able to recover at least 10-20 times the cost of the window.
  • Safety: Not many know this but thousands of Americans die every year in fire accidents and thousands are injured. By installing an egress window in any part of the house, including your basement, you will be able to increase your chances of a safe exit significantly in case of a fire accident.
  • Increased comfort: Anegress window in the basement can brighten a dark and dingy room. It can also allow ventilation to an otherwise stuffy area of your home.
  • Design: If you are not pressed for budget, you can easily find multiple designs in egress windows that significantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can also get them in cost-effective materials to get an affordable window. There are number of designs available in practical, cost effective, and attractive appeal. If you are adding egress windows to your basement, you can also do a bit of landscape with small plant beds to add a bit of colour and life to this space.

Installation Tips

These windows have to follow the size specifications in order do their job during emergency. They must also be operable from inside without using tools or keys. You can still have bars or grills attached as long as they can be opened without the keys.

Most importantly, when these windows are ajar, they must have an opening wide enough to provide ample crawl space. Here are some of the window types you can consider for installation.

  • Casement Windows: These are ideal basement egress windows because they take up little space and allow wide openings for quick escape. In fact, they come highly recommended by the Best Basement Egress Window Contractor because they are incredibly easy to clean and install.
  • Glider windows: For these windows to pass the building code, they have to be big. Since half of its opening space is occupied by glass, they must be bigger than the size you want to allow for easy escape.
  • Awning Windows: This type of window is trickier to install because they swing out. Therefore, they are not suitable for basements and can only be installed in bedrooms. 

Tips to Hire an Egress Window Installer

Installing an egress window may not be as easy as it appears. Therefore, it is advisable to not attempt it as a DIY. You should consider contacting an expert to ensure that it not only functions properly but also meets all the building code requirements. Here are some of the tips:

  • Building code compliance: When you work with a contractor for installation of your egress windows, they ensure that they are fully compliant with the building code and passes the safety requirements as defined by the law.
  • Experience: The installer must have the experience to install egress windows. They should be able to identify if you need a new opening or you can remodel an old window. Only a professional and experienced installer can make certain important specification-related decisions when doing the job.
  • Avoid installation mistakes: There are many other factors they need to consider before they begin installation. For instance, does the window have proper grading? Is the drainage installed correctly? Not accounting for these potential mistakes can result in expensive repairs later.

Read this article to know all about egress windows to make a well-informed decision.

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