8 Benefits of Business Etiquette Training in the Digital Age

There’s no denying that the digital age has presented human kind with technology that brings great convenience to daily life. However, because of how smart technology has become, a lot of social protocols have been forgotten.

For instance, when in need of assistance from an Alexa or Siri, people utter a command instead of requesting something to be done. There’s no “please” or “would you kindly…?” Nobody bothers with “thank you” either after an accurate reply has been provided.

It’s almost the same thing with text messaging. Etiquette and manners are rarely imposed. Quite often, expressions of gratitude are replaced with emojis. It is this day and age wherein showing your happiness on text can be an image of poop with a smiling face.

Sadly, this decline in the practice of social graces has spread in the business realm as well. The need for brevity tends to push business etiquette aside. This presents problems, especially when dealing with long-established companies that uphold traditional values. Miscommunication is a risk because shortened messages fail to convey emotions that people take vital cues from.

Advantages of Practicing Business Etiquette in a Digitally Driven Society

To mitigate the risk of miscommunication, there’s business etiquette training available for companies or organizations. This program not only revives the real value of demonstrating strong etiquette and manners for business, but it also brings to attention their benefits in the digital age.

1. It creates an impressive image and reputation for the organization.

Demonstrating strong business etiquette consistently is a fantastic way to build a respectable reputation. Even if interactions with vital connections are limited online, implementing business etiquette can be expected to leave a positive professional impression.

From such an impression, you also get to modify the way your connections behave in transactions. They may mirror your actions and display greater respect or regard for you. This, then, can cultivate trust and fortify the working relationship.

2. It can make challenges more manageable.

Conflicts of interest and differences in values can easily put a strain on business relationships. However, with the implementation of business etiquette, these potential reasons for tension can be managed effectively.

Remember, it’s hard to stay angry with a person who’s polite and respectful. Also, research reveals that demonstrating respect despite disagreements or a party’s rant explosion on social media drives the need for clarity. Additionally, it prompts compassion and understanding instead of tearing connections apart.

3. It can make the business more desirable to others.

Now that the norm is to be concise and quick (particularly online), taking the time to implement good manners and etiquette in business has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. It can distinguish an organization from its competitors and place it in a much better light.

A company that appears to uphold the highest standards of going about things is always likable. In the business world, meticulousness and a commitment to bringing forth only the best can be trusted to attract the right people.

4. It shows global readiness.

Business etiquette involves being highly considerate of cultures and traditions, which are critical factors in building relations in the international community. Therefore, with etiquette training, you can be sure that your company is acceptable to any foreign entity that it needs to connect with.

You can prevent the risk of behaving in a way that could be deemed offensive. On top of that, you can show that your operations are versatile enough. Etiquette will allow you to adjust appropriately according to the unique demands of global transactions — be they conducted in person or through the digital realm.

5. It creates time for thoughtful responses.

Another lovely advantage of implementing business etiquette is it creates a process that allows people to process their thoughts better.

Etiquette can prevent you from being reactive, which is emotionally-driven. When you carry out rules of etiquette first, you get to use time to your advantage in understanding messages, so your responses are logical and less triggering.

This is highly beneficial when dealing with social media reactions. Netizens, these days, are so quick to share what they feel and later on regret what they have posted. With your commitment to displaying business etiquette, you can be confident that you are never placing your name in a compromising position when you reply to posts.

6. It prepares you to become a host of impactful events.

Any business specialist will tell you that possessing business etiquette is a top requirement in determining readiness for hosting important commercial events. Etiquette plays a pivotal role in tapping into the services of others when organizing any affair.

Likewise, etiquette is one of the fundamental pillars in securing cooperation from the different aspects of the event. Without it, sincere intentions can be misinterpreted, especially over digital messaging platforms.

Plus, it is one of the best ways to acknowledge the valuable contribution of everyone involved in the organization. When you’re putting together an activity, you want everyone to feel motivated and appreciated. You can easily do that through the consistent implementation of business etiquette.

7. It creates the perfect opportunity to network or create new and beneficial relationships.

Upholding business etiquette is the best primer for new connections. It helps you create a climate of positive feelings that allows you to segue seamlessly into formal invitations for future meetups or even upsells.

In Japan, business specialists cannot stress enough how critical etiquette is as a standard for all operations. A commitment to this smart practice means never missing out on sales opportunities and netting in loyal customers who wouldn’t mind paying premium prices.

8. It creates pride and confidence within the company.

Respectful and trustworthy practices in organizations have always been effective tactics in retaining exceptional employees. Most workers would not leave for higher pay as long as they know that the company they serve is morally upright and considerate in all aspects of operations.

For them, a higher salary can never compete with the pride and confidence in a company that has a solid reputation online and offline.

Business Etiquette Training Provides a Competitive Advantage

Reverting to traditional practices may seem counterintuitive in the digital age, but apparently, it provides a competitive advantage. Discriminating people do not mind longer processes as long as they yield quality, which is what business etiquette is all about.

So, if you wish to elevate your operations, sign up for business etiquette training or a business communication course offered by a reputable training institute.


Jerrin Samuel is the Executive Director at Regional Educational Institute (REI) in Abu Dhabi. Since 1995, REI has been at the forefront of education by delivering quality corporate training courses in the UAE, helping many businesses and organizations achieve greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction levels.

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