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The Best Android Application Software to Use by Anyone Easily

There is a vast variety of android applications rightly available on Google Play Store and many third party online platforms. We have discussed here the best user-friendly android application that enables the end-user to protect the smartphone from lost or theft by remotely tracking the mobile phone device. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app is one of the most trusted and easy-to-use android application software that enables the user to monitor and manage a cellphone without taking it into custody. The online portal of the spy software lets you operate your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.

Installation Process of Android Spy App

You can get your android mobile phone installed with the best spy software after subscribing to the Android monitoring solution of TheOneSpy. Visit the official website of TheOneSpy to subscribe to the app and to get activation code. There are video tutorials available on the website that explain the installation process. Download and install the monitoring software on your Android phone by following that installation process and start tracking your device. The user is provided access to an online account that is used to monitor and manage the smartphone remotely.

Core Features of Android Spy App

The cell phone monitoring app offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to track and control the Android cell phone without physical access. We have rounded up here main features of the cell phone tracking app to give you an understanding of the app.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The Android spy apps lets you create online backup of the data relevant to social media apps. You can track chat and social media posts of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Tumblr, IMO, WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo, Kik, Hike, Hangout, Yahoo messenger and many other social and instant messaging apps. The messages and media files exchanged via social messengers get uploaded to the online control panel from where you can retrieve the data anytime and from anywhere.

Monitor Messages and Emails

The text messages, multimedia messages, instant messages and emails sent and received via monitored Android cell phone can be tracked without any inconvenience. The spy app creates an online backup of these messages and emails and enables the end-user to retrieve these negotiations from the online control panel of spyware.   

Call Recording

The cell phone spy app also acts as a call recorder and records all incoming and outgoing phone calls. The recorded calls get uploaded to the online control panel from where the user can listen to these calls and download them into different formats. The call logs of the monitored cell phone also get uploaded to the online spy account and lets you access detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls distantly.


The Android spyware app lets you capture screenshots on your cell phone by sending a command via online control panel of spyware software. If your mobile phone is being used by someone else, you can see what the user is doing on your smartphone by remotely taking multiple screenshots.

Live Screen Recording

You can also record screen of the monitored cell phone by sending remote command. You can record online and offline activities performed on the monitored Android phone with live screen recording.

Track GPS Location

The Android spyware app keeps you updated about the GPS location of the monitored cell phone. The current location and location history of Android smartphone get uploaded to the online control panel automatically.

Monitor Media Files

The cell phone online storage app lets you create an online backup of your photos, videos, voice recordings and other media files.  

Track & Manage Contacts

You can get access to your cell phone contacts via online control panel. Also, you can manage the contact list by adding new numbers and deleting old numbers.

Track Internet Usage

The cell phone surveillance app lets you track internet usage. The internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer get automatically uploaded to spy app online account.

Remote Control Camera & MIC

The spy app lets you operate camera and microphone of your cell phone via online portal of spy app. You can take photos and make videos by remotely turning on the camera and MIC and witness what is happening in the surroundings.

 There are many other features that let you keep track of online and offline activities performed on the monitored Android cell phone. You can know more about the Android spy app by visiting TheOneSpy.

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