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5 best big phones of 2018

There are two types of smartphone users in the world. One like them small and sleek whilst others like them big and powerful. Size of a phone has been debated constantly since the inception of smartphones. Apple didn’t introduce a big screen phone until very recently and like it or not their sales suffered.

So, in the times of social media and YouTube, we all need smartphones that have big sharp screens, do you agree? – My personal opinion is that screen sizes under 5.2 inches are on their way to be extinct.

But now another question arises that there are so many big phones these days that it is hard to pick one. But don’t worry, we have selected the best inventory for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Let’s start from the most obvious. Would this list be complete without Samsung Galaxy Note 8? – No. Yes the phone is expensive but the finest things in life never come cheap. If you can bear the price then this is perhaps the ideal phone you can get.

Many people wonder that why anyone would buy Galaxy Note 8 when we have the cheaper Galaxy S8+. But the moment you see the Note, you will stop wondering. The S pen alone is enough to justify the pricing.

Overall performance of Note 8 is excellent and the screen is pretty amazing.

The drawbacks are pricing and a tall glass body that some might say is more fragile than the metal body phones.

 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is just as impressive as the regular S8. Samsung keeps improving their phones dramatically. It contains the infinity edge screen. samsung S8 Plus is more expensive than the regular S8.

The phones have similar specs but not identical. Plus has a bigger screen size and a better battery life. It is an ideal smartphone for social media and apps’ age. Watching videos on Plus is an absolute treat.

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is a great reminder for us that the smartphone industry is thriving and manufacturers are not afraid to release one phone after the other with an 18:9 display. These are great times to be alive indeed.

The display is exceptional, battery is good and camera isn’t too bad either, but the best feature about 5T is the price tag. It is £100 cheaper than similar handsets with similar specs.

 LG V30

 LG V30

The LG has really come of age. If you think about a brand that was nowhere few years ago and has now cemented its place in the smartphone market, it has to be LG. LG’s V30 is a very liekable phone. It is a good upgrade on G6. The features are jam packed and the sleek design has been refined further. Everything about V30 pass with flying colors; design, screen, cameras, battery and audio – top notch.

 Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is the best phone yet from the Chinese manufacturer. The cameras admittedly are not as good as we would’ve liked. But the rest is exceptional. Great screen, excellent battery life and a great processing power.

The great processing power means you can play games, use apps and watch videos without burdening the phone’s speed. And I mean really advance level of multi-tasking.

Here are 5 best phones of 2018 according to the annual

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