The Best Camping Apps for iOS and Android

We frequently consider camping being a method to detach from your Earth, as well as it is.  This does not mean there is not any location for tech when you are under canvas.  Create a choices, and it could boost your experience.From digital compasses to tracking the nighttime time sky to offline survival aids finders, all these really are nine of their most useful and interesting camping apps offered for Android and iOS.


Surprisingly few apps provide campsite information that is global, but fortunately iOverlander does it well.  You may use the map to find campsites in your area, complete with a rundown of amenities like food, Wi-Fi, showers, water filter for camping,running water, and much more.

Reviews from additional”overlanders” will also be available, along with photos of the website.  You can update or add information, check into campsites, and find nearby points of interest.  IOverlander’s strength is its large community, which is committed to improving and upgrading the material.

That’s why you’ll find detailed descriptions of campsites all around the world, whether you’re in California or Colombia.

iOS and Android; free


While it is not global, WikiCamps provides a useful Package of camping Programs Such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and America.After downloading the program for a particular destination, such as WikiCamps Australia or WikiCamps Canada, you can get camping data crowdsourced in the WikiCamps community.  You will find details on things like campgrounds, backpacker hostels, and dump sites.Campsites are plotted on a map that may be downloaded for offline use, and nearby attractions can be seen in list form.  Furthermore, you can apply search filters, such as”has bathrooms” or”pet-friendly,” to get tailored recommendations.The app includes an electronic compass, and a range of forums to connect with other WikiCamp users.

First Aid

The First Aid program from the American Red Cross offers first aid advice for many different situations, including allergies and asthma attacks, bleeding and burns, insect bites, and many other health concerns pertinent to camping.It’s also possible to drill down for more details on a particular ailment.  You may specify what piece you, like a snake or tick, and receive custom advice specifically for that sort of bite.  Additionally, there are tips to help prepare for a trip and handle emergency situations.Quizzes enable you to test and perfect your comprehension, and you can also see a list of hospitals in your region, at least within the USA.

iOS and Android; free

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