Fortnite for Android – Best Similar Style Games Right Now

Fortnite is one of the most popular and hottest games on the planet. The great thing has happened fortnite is now available on Android OS as well. However, it is still on beta and it runs on the specific android device which can play it easily. In case you don’t join the beta and you won’t have something similar, there are following best Fandom fortnite for Android similar styles games right now.

 PUBG Mobile

Un known Player’s Battlegrounds,aka “PUGB” is the fascinating, exciting and full of a thriller last person standing type game. You will realize that it seems original battle royal games.It’s been launched in the year 2017 once starting out as an ARMA mod. It is quite like a fortnite game for android. However, there is a view that Fortnite might have copied the idea of the PUGB, and the genre is not a new one.

All it is done to include a new element that usually players love the most and building forts as well. PUGB Mobile is compatible with the Android and it is the best of the best royal title for mobile phone gamers. It will give you excitement and enjoyment like Fortnite does apart from a few things. It has outstanding and stunning graphics, aim, assist, and plenty of customization and players will not have a boring time I am quite dam sure about it. It is Fortnite, but not for all and this is a good thing.


If you want to get your hands on the game very similar to the fortnite with accordance of the aspect, then go for Fort-Craft. It is undoubtedly a ripoff and a quite awesome piece of tech that has nailed each and everything we love about Fortnite.

Fort Craft has resemblance in terms of style, graphics, building and last but not the least crafting machines, and the same hammer. You can see it is the same throughout. Even the head shots and victory royal screen is also same that seems quite familiar when you just put your eyes on once. Actually, it is the same team that is at the back end of rules of the Survival of the famous and exciting PUGB –style mobile games on Android and it is the same company that has to develop Fort Craft. At very before PUGB openly came to the mobile devices, Net Ease filled the gap, and they are copying the Fortnite.

However, Fort Craft is now available only available in terms of the beta program, and we are waiting for are lease date all across the globe and as well as for Android OS soon. It is also available at Google Play Store; it means it has provided access for all.

Rules of Survival

It is the most demanding,exciting, full of fun and Grand battle royal games for Android I have ever played.The Game is consisting of plenty of players, most out of them has been shifted to the PUGB Mobile or they are enjoying Fotnite on the beta. When it comes to Android user, in my opinion, and many others like me have a viewpoint that rules of survival are the best of the best option for android at the moment.Each and everything in the game such as controls is very easy to have a grip on and voice chat options alongside put it at the top.

The best thing is you will drop into 8*8 km island and you will be able to enjoy all the stuff you love about PUGB and Fortnite. The Rules of Survival game for Android has quite a similarity in terms of style of weapons, run, fight, pick up your weapons,jumps for cover and many other things as well. In true sense Rules of Survival has huge multiplayer battle royal fights alongside 120 players, but the number has increased more. Moreover, a new update has doubled the map size to 8*8 km and you will be able to join games with more than 300 players at a time, yeah it seems quite cool and crazy.

In my opinion, I am very fond of the guns, ammo and I need better time and this is present in the Rules of Survival compared to the new PUGB and it is the best Fortnite for Android in terms of style. So, this is multiplayer, genuine graphics, outstanding,control, ammo, pick up and you can p-play with more than 300 hundred players.What else you want in rules of survival. It is without a shadow of the doubt all in one fortnite for android.  





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