Few Examples of Best Online Video Converters That Are Free

Videos are available in various formats, which are suitable for opening in distinct operating systems. If a certain video format is not supported by the operating system of a device, it needs to be converted into the format that is supported there. Hence, people often search for an online converter that can be used for converting their video files to any format. There are many video converters available now, making the job of video makers much easier.

Online Video Converter

It is known as the most popular video file converter that is available for free. The file conversion is very quick through this software and high-quality videos are obtained after the conversion process. The users do not need to install it on their computers, as the file conversion is done online. They can upload video files from Dailymotion, YouTube or any other similar website, for converting into other formats that are supported in their devices. The use of this converter is so easy that even a novice can convert videos into desired formats within a few minutes. When a person records videos with a digital camera, all the files need to be converted into AVI or MP4 format for viewing on the computer and at that time, this video converter is the best option.

Onlineconvertfree.com It is another free converter that can be used to convert any video file into another chosen format. The video file needs to be selected from the computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, to upload or drag and drop on the specific webpage of this converter. The desired format for conversion should be indicated, as this software holds the capability of converting more than 200 formats of video files. When the file conversion is completed, the resultant video can be simply downloaded by clicking the definite button. AVI format is used to store video files in the computer while MPEG-4 format is fit for playing on all kinds of media players.  FLV, MOV, MKV, SWF, VOB, WEBM, and TS are only a few other popular video formats, to which videos can be converted through this file converter

Free make Video converter

This video converter is used for changing the formats of large video files, like movies. Millions of users worldwide prefer this converter for changing the formats of videos downloaded from various online platforms. The converted videos are automatically uploaded into the iOS and iTunes, saving time and effort of users. Moreover, people can edit or modify the converted video files, by cropping the sizes or adding subtitles. DVDs can be burned and converted into suitable file formats while any video can be burned to include in a DVD. It also helps to upload videos on websites, which is a helpful feature for web developers. This software also preserves the memory of every conversion, which can be useful for people converting too many videos regularly.

A powersoft Free Online Video Converter

This converter is mainly appreciated by users for its simple interface, which makes the conversion of video formats easier for them.  People can convert videos to any of the popular formats of video and audio files, like MP4, AVI, MOV, and MP3. The uploaded videos can be cropped in size, watermarks can be added, and special effects can be introduced on this software before converting into other formats. However, this converter needs to be downloaded on the computer of the user, even though the conversion process occurs online. As its name suggests, no fee is charged for using this converter and thus, it has fast gained popularity among video makers.

Any Video Converter

This software is so named because it can convert any format of video files into other required forms. This converter makes video uploading easier on Facebook, which is a beneficial factor to numerous users of this social media site. There are ready made profiles on this software that can be used on specific devices, making the job of video making much simpler. Many people also use it for editing their video files, as all the common editing jobs can be done through this converter. However, it fully retains the quality of all converted videos even after changing their formats. The premium version of this software is called Any Video Converter Ultimate that also allows burning the converted videos into DVDs. Only it requires a certain degree of experience in video making and conversion, to use this software conveniently.

Online Convert, Zamzar, Free Video Converter, Aconvert, Wonder share, Converto.io, and Prism are few other popular video converters. VideoProc is a converter most comfortable for users of Windows 10, which can process 4K videos. YouTube videos can also be converted with Convert 2 mp3.tv, where a video URL is just pasted and the desired format is mentioned to initiate the conversion process. Hence, video conversion is now a simple and enjoyable job, as only a few minutes are needed to convert and receive the output video files through these converters.

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