Digital Parenting Era – 5 Best Parental control and Kids Monitoring Apps

The digital revolution of the past two decades has transformed our kids’ lives ultimately turning them into digital citizens. Today’s kids learn to swipe a screen even before they can hold a crayon. Numerous gadgets, software, apps and games have been designed for preschoolers obliging parents to make decisions about the selection of the hardware and software for their kids at an early age. According to a recent survey, around 90% of the children own a computer; 93% have a video game; 88% have mobile phones and 81% have tablets. This widespread adoption of digital technologies has not just changed out lifestyle but made parenting harder.

It would not be erroneous to state that this is the only time when kids know more than their parents. This is true about the parents who have kids between the age of 14 and 17. As well as the era of birth, the education, economic background and society also put an influence this gap. Digital illiteracy of parents can put their kids at risk because they could not be able to prevent their kids from the online dangers. Fortunately, here are a few apps that help non-tech savvy parents to monitor their children and protect them from the threats of the real and online world.

TheOneSpy for Android and iPhone Monitoring

Simply install TheOneSpy on your kids’ Android and iPhone and let the magic begin. This app will provide you with all the data stored on your kids’ phones right at your device. You can read their messages, see photos and videos, check out contacts, listen to their phone calls, track GPS location and grab the internet browsing history – all without accessing their phones. There is a Bugging feature that lets you operate the microphone and camera of your kid’s phone to listen and see where he is and what is he doing. Moreover, you can spy on the social media accounts of your children; read their chats; see their posts and friends list. This monitoring app works with complete secrecy and its icons can be hidden during installation which means your kids cannot guess you are tracking him.

Norton Family Premier

Norton is another most effective parental control app that lets you monitor multiple mobile phones. You can monitor the mobile phone use of your kids; track their location and control their internet access. The app allows filtering websites to prevent your kid exposing to age-inappropriate and explicit stuff. This parental control software also permits parents to set time for the use of mobile phones. However, it does not allow setting time limits and intercepting phone calls and messages from unwanted numbers.

MMGuardian Phone Monitoring App

MMGuardian is a parental control app intended to supervise the mobile phone use of children. You can remotely read the messages; view the call logs; track GPS location and filter websites. This software also allows you to block annoying messages and incoming phone calls from unknown numbers. Also, you can control the apps installed on the phone. If your kid is using an app that you do not consider safe for his age, you can block that app. The parental control app also lets you set time limits for using certain apps and mobile phone as well as locking and unlocking the monitored device in case of loss or theft.

ESET Cell Phone Tracking App

ESET is a mobile phone surveillance app that reports the time spend on the protected mobile phone and apps installed on that phone. This software lets you set time limits for the phone use and set filters for the websites. You can choose which apps are safe to be installed on the phone and which not.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

Net Nanny is best at web-filtering and allows your kid to surf the internet without the fear of exposing to explicit content. You can use the app to block objectionable websites, mask bad language and media. This also lets you set time limits for using the internet and blocking unwanted apps to be installed and run on the phone.

Install any of these parental control app on your kids’ mobile phone and manage their digital behavior with an ease even remaining away from them.






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