8 Best Undetectable Spy Apps for iPhone without Access to Target Phone

Are you looking for the best application software for your iPhone? We have reviewed here the best undetectable spy apps for iOs mobile phone devices that work jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices.
Nowadays, digital devices have brought comfort to our lives. However, the dark side of technological devices is on the rise, and our young generation is indulging in inappropriate activities and has developed tech addiction. There has been an equal increase in online crimes by breaching the privacy of digital devices iOs devices, like iPhones, and iPods are everyone’s priority these days.

The monitoring software enables the end-user to track an iPhone without taking it into possession. It is particularly intended for parents and employers for supervising the mobile phone activities of their children and workers. There is no need to install the tracking app on the targeted iPhone which means the third-party spy app works without jailbreak and app installation. Read on to know what makes this software the great application software for ios with and without jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution.

Best Undetectable iPhone spy apps with and without jailbreak

We have done comprehensive research and share our experience about the best undetectable spying apps for iPhones. Let’s get to know about the top 8 iPhone spyware with and without jailbreak in 2022.

1- Mspy

spy apps for iphone

Mspy is the top-of-line iPhone spying app with and without jailbreak. It ranks no. 1 among the top applications that enable users to track iOS devices without installing software. It claims as the iPhone parental control app to protect kids from digital dangers. It does not need to install on the target device, because you can spy on an iPhone device remotely without installing the application. The application has an extensive set of features and is easy to use the app. It has both jailbreak and non-jailbreak features that you need to know.

How to use the Mspy iPhone monitoring app non-jailbreak Solution?

There are the following steps that you need to follow to use the best undetectable iPhone spy app to the fullest.

  • Subscribe to Mspy –non Jailbreak solution
  • Get credentials via an email
  • Use iCloud credentials to dashboard
  • Start monitoring iPhone device data

Features (No –jailbreak)

There are the following features of the iPhone spy app without jailbreak to set parental control on kid’s iOS devices. Contacts, Call logs, Text messages, Browser History, Events, Notes, Whatsapp, Installed Apps

Features (Jailbreak solution)

You can see the following features that you can use to monitor iOS devices by doing a jailbreak. View SMS details, Track GPS location, Monitor Messaging apps, Check emails, Browse Multimedia Messages, and Call Management


User can buy in $49 for 1 month plan / $84 for 3 months / $150 for 12 months

2- Flexispy

Flexispy is the second-best iPhone spy software in our list of the top 8 spy apps for iPhone 2022. It is one of the monitoring apps for iPhone devices.  It offers a jailbreak solution for iOS devices, and you can use it to monitor kids and employees to the fullest. The application is a little expensive but packed with powerful features. Let’s see the following mentioned features to spy on any iPhone device using the jailbreak method.

How to use Flexispy iPhone spy app jailbreak solution?

Follow the steps given below to install the Flexispy iPhone tracking app without facing hazels.

  • Subscribe to Flexispy license
  • Activate it on the target iPhone
  • Capture all the data of the iOS device
  • Use Flexispy dashboard to get the data

Features for jailbreak devices

You can see the following mentioned tools that are enabled to monitor any iOS device, but you have to jailbreak it to get the job done. Listen to surrounds, Listen to live phone calls, Track Device location, Monitor Chat apps, Spy on Contacts, Spy on internet activity, Track Application Activity, Remote Camera Capture


Users can buy plans for $68 per month, $99 for 3 months, and $149 for 12 months.

3- Spyera

You can spy on any iPhone by using its undetectable iPhone spy app. It is also known as the most powerful and hidden iPhone tracker these days. You can easily install jailbreak iOS devices without access to the target phone. You can get a ton of monitoring technology using the Spyera tracking software for the iPhone. You can use the following features to track your kid’s iPhone to the fullest.

Spyera iPhone spy Features (Jailbreak solution)

Take a look at the following features that are worthy enough to spy on any iPhone and iPod for sure. iPhone live call listening, Record surroundings, iPhone live call recorder, Ambient listening, IM tracker, Spy on iPhone messages, Open camera remotely, Spy on emails


You can buy it for USD 89 /month and use it on any iOs device for kids monitoring and business safety.

4- Umobix

It is the no.1 iPhone monitoring app that you can install on iOS devices secretly. It empowers you to spy on iPhone text messages, phone, calls, GPS location, and browsing activities. The application only takes 5 minutes, and you can use its features and send the data to its tamper-proof secure web portal. It is one of the resilient spy software for iPhones that remain hidden on the target device. Users can use it for legitimate activities rather than illicit ones.

How to use Umobix on an iPhone device?

Follow the steps given below to configure the iPhone spyware tool on any iOS device to the fullest.

  • Sign up with Umobix
  • Record activity
  • View remotely via the dashboard

Umobix iPhone tracking App Features (No Jailbreak)

You can spy on any iPhone device without jailbreak using iPhone surveillance app non-jailbreak solution. SMS text, Deleted messages, Photos via camera, Browsing history, Call log history, GPS location, IM’s chat spy, App usage


You can buy its license for $ 50/1 month, $ 90/3 months, and $ 150/ 12 months.

5- ClevGuard

It is a cell phone monitoring app for iOs iPhones and pads. It provides the ultimate and easy way to spy on any iPhone to keep your children safe and keep your employees productive during working hours. You can install it on the target device using the easy installation guide. It does require a jailbreak of your target device at all.  You can see the following features of the undetectable iPhone spying app features for non-jailbreak devices.

ClevGuard Non-jailbreak spy app for iPhone Features

Monitor calls, Spy on messages, View browsing history, Control iPhone, View GPS location


Users can buy the ClevGuard monitoring app for iPhone in $ 35 for a 1-month plan / $50 for a 3-month and $96 for a 3-month plan You don’t need to re-subscribe the app back and forth. You need to pay a one-time payment and get a piece of mind.

6- TheOneSpy

It has the top iPhone monitoring application that is capable of spying on any iPhone device. The application is easy to install, but you have to jailbreak the target device. The application provides services to parents to monitor kids’ activities secretly. Moreover, users can use it to do surveillance on the business-owned device to prevent data breaches and track employees’ GPS location for sure. It has a set of features that provide you instant results via its secure online control panel.

How to use TheOneSpy on iPhone?

You can use the following steps and install the iPhone spying app on any iOS device without facing issues.

  • Choose pricing plan
  • Jailbreak target iPhone
  • Download & install
  • Spying on iPhone on the go

Undetectable spy app for iPhone Features for jailbreak devices

You can monitor any iPhone and iPad at the time and place of your choosing using the features given below. Call logs, SMS, iMessage, Device info, WhatsApp, Installed apps, Appointments, Contacts


Users can buy a 1-month plan for $35, a 3-month plan for $55, and a 6-month program for $99.

7- Mobistealth

It is the non-intrusive iPhone spying app that empowers you to spy on iOS devices secretly. It is intuitive to use for keeping a check on kids and employees. You can install it on any iPhone device, but you need to jailbreak the target device. Further, you can visit the powerful and advanced set of features. The application has been a famous brand over the last decade and provides services to track digital devices.

Mobistealth iPhone monitoring software Features for Jailbreak

Visit the following features and use them to spy on iPhone Jailbreak devices to the fullest. Sms tracking, iMessages monitoring, Call recording, Location tracking, Monitor chat messengers, Gmail logging


Users can buy a 1-month plan for $25, and a 3-month program for $50,

8- Xnspy

XNSPY is one of the best spy apps for the iPhone in the world. The application has jailbreak and non-jailbreak features for iOS. You can install it on any iPhone device. However, the jailbreak solution has a variety of features compared to the non-jailbreak solution. You can protect kids’ digital space and spy on employees’ business devices to prevent data breaches.

Xnspy iPhone Features (Jailbreak & no jailbreak)

There are the following features of the iPhone monitoring application that you can use on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS devices. Call logs, Call history, Watchlist contacts, Text messages, Read text messages, WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp photos


XNSPY has two plans, Basic and Premium. You can buy it for $ 4.99/ month and for $ 7.49.

Jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS monitoring solution

IOS Jailbreaking

IPhone users are aware of the fact that it is not possible to download third-party applications on the smartphone. The manufacturer does not allow unreliable applications and software files to be installed on the iPhone due to security concerns. To gain more control over your iPhone, you need to jailbreak it. The iOS jailbreaking is the process to bypass software restrictions imposed by Apple. It enables the user to install third-party applications and applications from unknown sources or sources other than Apple Play Store. Once you jailbreak your iPhone device, you can install monitoring and spy applications.   

Cons of iOS Jailbreaking

There are certain security risks attached to iOS jailbreaking. The first and foremost risk is that you lose the warranty of your iPhone after you jailbreak the iOS. A jailbroken iPhone is more vulnerable to threats, viruses, malware, and malicious programs.

Non-Jailbreak iOS Monitoring Solution

We are discussing here the non-jailbreak spy app for iPhone. If you want to track the iPhones of your children and workers without jailbreaking the expensive smartphones, the non-jailbreak tracking solution lets you monitor the targeted device without app installation and jailbreak. There is no need to download and install the monitoring app on the targeted iPhone to take the advantage of the monitoring software because you can enjoy it in a different way.   

How does the Undetectable iPhone spy App Work

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring app works in a similar way as the jailbreak solution works. However, it works without app installation. The end-user only needs to put the iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone to get access to the backup data. Once you put the credentials to the online control panel of the spyware software, the monitoring app gets access to the backup data and uploads it to the control panel for the end-user to review.   

Main Features of iPhone Tracking Software

The iPhone tracking software comes preloaded with a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted smartphone. We have rounded up here the main features of the application to give you an insight into it.

Monitor Messages

Do you know what sort of messages your kids receive and send or what conversations your workers make with clients and co-workers? The iPhone monitoring app lets you monitor the conversations of your loved ones and working personnel. It accesses messages sent and received via monitored iPhones which include text messages, iMessage, and multimedia messages. These messages are then uploaded to the online control panel of the spy software from where parents and employers can read them. The spy app also accesses the contact information of message senders and receivers to let you know the detail of the communicating parties.  

Track Calls

As well as messages, you can track phone calls of your concerned individuals and groups. The spy app for non-jailbreak iPhone accesses calls logs and uploads to the online control panel. The end-user of the monitoring software can log into the online portal of the spy software and get access to the detail of call history containing information about incoming and outgoing phone calls.  

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging app that allows users to exchange text messages, voice messages, visual messages, audio, and video calls. The iPhone monitoring app enables the end-user to track the WhatsApp activities of their children and workers by remotely monitoring their WhatsApp messages and calls.  

Monitor Kik Messenger

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring app lets you monitor Kik messenger. You can read your kids’ chats made via instant messenger. It lets you ensure your children do not communicate with bullies and online predators.

Track Internet History

The iPhone tracking app lets you monitor the internet activities of your workers and children. You can get access to the internet browsing history of Safari and other internet browsers.

Monitor Contact List

You can get access to contacts stored on the targeted iPhone. The monitoring app also allows managing Phonebook of your children and workers by adding new numbers and deleting previous ones.


We have discussed the Top 8 Undetectable spy apps for iPhones with or without jailbreak. You can choose one of the best spy applications to monitor and track any iOS device. These applications set parental control on kids and empower you to protect your business data on iOs devices.

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