The Best Themes and Skins for Windows 10 (2022)

We have been using Windows OS for years as it is the highly recommended operating system in the world. Microsoft launches several themes and skins every year to let the Windows users enjoy better look and view of the display. The entire view of the Windows OS changes with a change in its theme or skin. Changing Windows theme has become a trend and the users have been trying new and latest themes and skins by updating their operating system versions.Unlike the mobile phone themes, the Windows themes give brand new look to entire functions running on the computer device. This would make your work easier and you will enjoy working on it if you own a touch screen monitor. If you are looking for the best theme or skin for Windows 10, we have rounded up here 2018’s best theme and skins for Windows 10.

Mac OS X EI Capitan

Do you want to give your Windows computer the look of a mac machine? Mac OS X EI Capitan is the theme you need to try. This theme gives Windows the look and experience of mac. You can also enjoy mac features on your windows device. Mac theme is one of the top rated windows 10 themes that lets you enjoy experience of the mac OS without investing on expensive Apple product.

Ubuntu Skin Pack

Ubuntu is not so popular but it is used by many software companies as an open source software operating system. Ubuntu is used to develop programs and the Ubuntu Skin Pack gives Windows users the complete experience of using Ubuntu on Windows 10. If you want to know basic things about this operating system, you can simply try out its theme rather than switching to the whole OS.

Start Is Back

Start Is Back is another best theme for Windows 10. If you want to continue enjoying the user-friendliness of Windows 7 on your Windows 10, the Start Is Back theme is for you. You can get your hands on the latest Windows OS version with the ease of classic version by using this ideal theme. It would make you feel like you are using multiple operating systems on your device.

Aero Glass 

Another finest theme on our list of best themes and skins for Windows 10 is the Aero Glass theme. You can have the greatest visuals for your computers by using the Aero Glass. As depicted by its name, this theme gives glassy look to the screen.


Silk is one of the most beautiful themes rightly available for Windows 10. This theme gives your Windows the same look as its name. Silk gives your Windows machine the look of a notebook. It is also the most user-friendly theme that will make you love this in its very first use. The best  thing about Silk theme is that you can change the colors as per you likings.


Vanilla is another Windows 10 theme that gives it’s a classy look. What stands this theme out is that there is no border in this theme. This theme works in the same way as the online cloud services work. If you want to try a theme without borders, Vanilla is the great option for you.


Oxford is one of the finest themes for Windows 10. However, this theme does not offer as many features as other themes and skin do. The interface of Oxford is easy to use and understandable. This theme does not make huge changes to Windows 10 look. If you want to enjoy the original Windows 10 look, Oxford is the right option for you.


Flattastic is simple but unique theme for Windows 10. This is intended for those who want to experience minimalistic look for their machine running the latest Windows version. You can enjoy the 8th version of Flattastic Dark and light theme by installing this particular theme on your Windows computer.

Diversity x Vx  

Another finest theme on our list of best themes and skins for Windows 10 is Diversity x Vx. The interface of this theme is quite familiar for many users. Install the Diversity x Vx theme on your Windows computer and start enjoying the interface on the high end.

for Windows 10 is Diversity x Vx. The interface of this theme is quite familiar for many users. Install the Diversity x Vx theme on your Windows computer and start enjoying the interface on the high end.

3D Theme

3D is a very popular theme being used by many tech lovers.This technology inspired themes gives your Windows computer a completely different look. This amazing theme features high-definition wallpapers and high-resolution abstract wallpapers.  






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