10 outstanding apps for travelers to Europe

Going to Europe? The greatest continent in the world. Make sure you are fully equipped. There are many articles that will guide you about the basics of traveling to Europe. But almost all information guides miss out on a very important feature apps for traveling. If you have the right apps on your phone, you can check out some great culinary hotspots, local restaurants and even find great places that are Instagram-optimized. These apps can help you create a perfect European vacations – without the drama you see in the movies. Check out these useful apps before you board the plane. Most of them are free and the ones that are not are very reasonably priced.


Onefinestay is a lodging app that list high-class apartments and homes in three largest cities of Europe: London, Paris and Rome. The app also tells you how to locate good restaurants near your place, good dry cleaners and other such small things. You can also find useful information such as nearest ATM, hospitals or police station.

Pretty Streets

Pretty Streets is the ideal app for tourists who like walking on the streets – an essential part of tourism in Europe. There are many walking itineraries you MUST check out. Pretty Streets gives you a detailed map, confectioneries and other details of all the famous streets boulevards, and
avenues of Dublin, London and Paris. The app even tells you how much you have to walk if you want to get from one street to another.

Fly Europe

Fly Europe simply gives you the cheapest airfares. It shows pricing, best pricing of airlines to and within Europe. You can compare multiple airlines’ tickets. The app basically browses various apps such as Vayama, Expedia, and eDreams, to give you the best pricing.


GoEuro app is another amazing app that can help you a great deal when you are on the road. You can find information about flights, trains and buses, hence every transportation data from 12 countries across Europe. The app has options from more than 3200 airports and more than
80,000 bus and train stations.

Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals features guides in more than 25 European cities. It is like a portal for recommendations. Many people including professional city guides and photographers share their experiences and recommend places quite extensively.


TheFork is an eating app for tourists. The app features more than 30,000 restaurants in 10 European countries. You don’t have worry about where you’ll eat if you have this app. You are aided by location, reviews, photos and menus of these restaurants, helping you make the best decision regarding your food endeavors.

Michelin Travel

Michelin Travel is considered to be one of the best travel app in Europe. It has a very large database. It features the best restaurants, hotels, and sites. The app even allows you to book the hotels and other things directly from your mobile.


Citymapper is a very important arguably the most crucial app when you are in a strange country. The app displays navigation and public transit information. The app is very comprehensive, it even alerts you to pricing.

Monument Tracker

When you are on a tour, your basic goal is to visit as many famous monuments as you can. The Monument Tracker shows you monuments in more than 60 cities all across the world. The app identifies and alerts you to monuments, sights or interesting sites nearest to your location.


TripLingo is a fabulous language app. Any good language app will provide you with some important phrases in a local language but Triplingo is special. It lets you in on catch-phrases and slang – the informal way to communicate with the locals. Won’t you prefer that instead of some basic key phrases? There is also an instant voice translator that comes with the app.






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