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Tumblr is a very famous social media app and website especially among tweens and teens; it is a micro blogging platform. It allows the user to share short text posts, multimedia such as photos and videos and direct messages. However, instant messaging features are coming soon for the users.

Certainly, you can use it as your blog and further you can share the posts of others and also can add your own comments in terms of short text messages and hashtags that make other to find out their content. However, Tumblr allows a user to make some privacy settings but it does not make a difference in terms of hiding your blog. However, you can restrict someone else to make comment on your blog.

On the other hand, every young tween or tween want fame and to be a celebrity on Tumblr but having the privacy you cannot be a celebrity. It provides user to be anonymous and this thing really haunting other users. People harass and bully online to the other fellow user and there are many users that stalk young teens on the social media app.

People that want to get more and more followers to get famous they have to ignore the privacy settings. So,having no privacy settings can open a series of all sorts of exploitation. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift cannot get rid of online attacks and harassments. Therefore, parents want to protect teens from the dark side of the tumblr. So,they should have a Tumblr spy app of TheOneSpy.

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Install cellphone monitoring app

If you are parents and you want to spy on the Tumblr instant messaging apps of your kids and teens in order to monitor their activities. However, you are looking forward to protecting your children from all online dangers. Then you need to follow a couple of steps to get the best spy software for a cellphone. Let’s take a look in the following mentioned steps.

Step1: Get the subscription of TheOneSpy

The very first step you need to take is to get the cell phone spy app subscription. So, you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy.  Then get subscription and you will receive email along with the credentials as passcode and ID.

Step2: Get physical access on your target device

Now you should have physical access to the target cell phone device and the next thing you need to perform is to get started with the installation process. Once you have done with the installation process on the target device of phone monitoring app. Then you need to activate it on the target device. Further, when you are doing the activation step you will have a pop –upon the screen. It allows you to spy on social messaging apps Tumblr secretly by hiding the icon of the surveillance app for the phone. Now do it if you want it and activate it on the targeted device. Moreover, use the passcode and ID and get access to the electronic web portal and get access to the tools that make you spy on Tumblr instant messenger within no time and well as in real–time. Let’s see the following mentioned tools to track the Tumblr social messaging app.

Live Tumblr Screen recording

The end user can perform live screen recording of the target device when the target user is using Tumblr social media app on their mobile phone screen. You can remotely make such commands that allow you to make short videos of the screen back to back. Once you have recorded the videos when the instant messenger on the target device screen. Then very next moment you will have to see the videos from the control panel.

IM’s social media

The end user can view and get the logs of the target device installed instant messaging app Tumblr remotely. You can view the logs of the micro blogging app such as direct messages, shared multimedia in terms of videos and photos and Gifs. However, use can get to know about the shared links and URLs on the Tumblr wall to the fullest.


TheOneSpy cellphone spy software is the best tool that empowers the end user to remotely get access to the target device and get access to Tumblr activities in real –time.