Best upcoming phones of 2019

For the tech-community, the year 2019 has been unexpectedly full of vim and vigor. The brands have been resuscitating increasingly, and flooding the market with top-notch, futuristic mobile computational devices.

Earlier in the year, various reputable brands quenched the thirst of its admirers with the launch of advanced smartphones offering high-resolution cameras. However this year a new wave of curiosity and anticipation has crashed upon the tech-fans. What will 2019 bring for them? What new specifications should they expect?  Let’s have a glimpse at what more awaits in the future!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Exhibiting its entrepreneurial ethos, Samsung is all set to release this first-generation product in October 2019. Samsung Galaxy Fold is expected to open up a new chapter of advanced hardware with its 7.3” dynamic foldable Infinity Flex Display. Samsung’s book-resembling upcoming smartphone is an engineering marvel, which is available in futuristic color combinations. Its multi-layered, innovative polymer material screen provides a cinema-grade display with its HDR10+ color & contrast.

What distinguishes this ergonomically designed model, from the ones released recently by the company, is its impressive 12 GB RAM for fluid multitasking and extraordinary internal storage of about 512 GB. Its 4380 mAh revolutionary dual battery intelligently adapts to your usage pattern while its wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide cameras will let us capture panoramic & optimized pictures.

iPhone 11   

With numerous rumors and leaks, no one is quite sure what to expect from the upcoming model iPhone 11. Although, the apple website or updates do not reveal much about the specifications, however, there is an agreed rumor upon some core features.

With a 5.8-inch display, the iPhone 11 will provide the largest display as compared to the previous models. Being equipped by the newest iOS 13, the iPhone 11 is anticipated to exhibit better work performance and comprises of advanced specifications. Also, the back camera houses three lenses (regular, telephoto, and an ultra-wide lens), hence, providing an excellent picture quality.

Huawei Mate X 

Elevating the standards of the smartphones in this modernized era, the Huawei Mate X unleashes a new dimension with its slim and foldable falcon wing design. With a smooth display on both the sides, Huawei has installed the screen with a high-quality and stretchable hinge. Huawei has vigilantly positioned the hinge so that the user does not encounter unhealthy experiences like overstretching or screen bulging. Apart from a wide edge to edge full view OLED display, the Huawei Mate X comes with a sleek and stylish handheld bar for convenient handling and portability.

You can transform this exceptional Huawei Mate X an 8” screen tablet that provides ease-of-use and helps us excel in multi-tasking by its split-screen mode. Combining the Huawei Mate X with the Huawei Balong 5000 (7nm multi-mode 5G chipset), Huawei takes the lead in the 5G speed revolution. The advanced dual sim option offers access to 2G/3G/4G/5G networks, which redoubles the connectivity. Also, the rear being constructed using interstellar blue material allows an undisputed flow of the 5G network.  

Even more, the Leica Camera System installed in the handheld bar offers high resolution and crystalline images.

  Google Pixel 4  

Maintaining its legacy of holding the undivided attention of tech-community in the latter half of the year since 2016, Google will be launching the fourth model of its phenomenal Pixel Series in early October 2019.

The upcoming top-tier flagship phone is going to stand out from the rest of the models in the series, in terms of its design and exterior. Apart from the unusual top-bezel, the fourth generation is expected in a new mint green hue to complement the artistically designed and innovatively engineered machinery. The classic contrasting power button, however, is going to connect Google Pixel 4 with its predecessor’s appearance.

With an advanced processor, Google Pixel 4 is said to have a 128 GB storage option. The particular model might sport multiple image sensors for a greater field of vision and professional quality pictures.

Sony Xperia 2

Reviving and re-establishing its image as a competent smartphone manufacturing brand, the Sony Xperia 2 has left masses wonder-struck. The glamorous exterior coupled with the long, yet narrow display makes the Xperia 2 standout from the other smartphones.

Equipped with a 4k HDR display and three rear cameras, the model offers high-quality, crystalline images. Also, the installed 6GB Ram and the 128GB provides swift work performance and ample storage capacity.

Even more, the exceptional 5G compatibility boosts the position of Sony Xperia 2 significantly amongst other competitors.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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