Factors To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are the times that you would cherish forever and the best way to do it is by having a look at your wedding’s videos and photographs which will capture all your special moments beautifully. Before getting married, you would pay immense attention to the décor, guest list, food, venue, wedding outfits, but probably not to the photographer as much as you should.

However, you must know that after your wedding gets over, the videos and pictures would be the only ways to go back in time and relive those dreamy moments. This is why hiring the best wedding photographer who matches your vibe is essential. You, your spouse, and the photographer should share a common vision so that the photographs emerge even more surreal. Apart from this, you should consider the factors mentioned below before choosing your wedding photographer.

1. Price Quotation

You may want the photographer to cover all the events as well as your pre/post wedding shoot. Depending on the number of events, the photographer will quote different prices. When you are talking about the prices, make sure you tell the photographer everything about your wedding plans and ask them for a complete package including wedding videography prices. If you feel the price is a lot, you can choose other photographers or try to negotiate. For example, if you are going to have a destination wedding, you can ask the photographer to reduce the price and offer them free travel and stay in return.

2. Experience And Style

Everything from cooking to driving gets better with experience, even photography. A wedding photographer may have worked for years but depending on your wedding customs and traditions, you have to choose the one who has covered a similar wedding. For example, Indian weddings are full of traditions and rituals, and only the photographers who are familiar with them would be able to cover the scared moments beautifully. Unlike a western wedding that gets over in a day, an Indian wedding is like a 2-3 day festival and there are events lined up in the mornings as well as the evenings.

Only a photographer who has been part of several weddings of the culture would know when the most special moments come. They would be better prepared with all the equipment particularly at that time. This would ensure that all those memorable shots are taken professionally.

Furthermore, you may have chosen a specific style for your wedding photography, which can be classic, traditional, portrait shots, photojournalism, black and white, or candid. Going for a photographer who specialises in candid photography for your traditional wedding would not be a good idea.

3. Reviews

You can first ask your friends, family, and colleagues about the reviews of a photographer. You may also conduct intensive research online by looking at their photography websites and social media pages to know about their style,types of wedding they have covered, and the way they edit the pictures.

Through the social media pages, you will come to know how responsible the photographer is. There is no point in booking an amazing photographer who covers your wedding but does not hand over the images shortly after your wedding. Some photographers tend to take months and even years to deliver you your pictures. You can save yourself from such horror stories if you conduct the research well.

4. Interview Analysis

Before booking a photographer to cover your dream wedding, make sure you interview them and have meetings. This way, you can analyse the way the person talks, acts, and understand their technique. You can even know whether your plan excites them or it is just going to another project for them. This is important because if they are not passionate, they may not give their best shot.

If you have specific preferences, such as creative photography, usage of lights, or inclusion of drama, let the photographer know. You may even ask them to show their work which has not been uploaded online. Photographers will upload specific pictures from weddings, which are their best works. You may want to look at how their entire work looks. In the interview, also discuss whether they are available on your wedding date and if they are not, ask for recommendations.

5. Team Members

While choosing the photographer, make sure they have a team of videographers, assistant photographers, etc. You would not want just a team of 2 or 3 people covering your entire wedding if it is going to be a huge affair. Ask how many photographers and videographers would be present on your special day. This is because you would not want to miss out anything while capturing your wedding.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right photographer is important because photographs are the only evidence of the memorable moments of your wedding. By considering the factors mentioned above, you would be able to book the best photographer for you.

Sulina Williams
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