7 Guaranteed Techniques to Build Instagram Following

From a perfect social sharing app to one of the biggest digital marketing mediums, Instagram has it all. Doing things right on the platform, you can make your business an instant and long-standing hit. Best Instagram profiles always succeed in boosting their followership quicker than many other profiles.

These profiles follow all the right techniques that bring success on the platform. If you run a personal or business profile on Instagram, you can bring large degree of success to it as well. Here are some of the most efficient techniques that will help build substantial followership on the social platform:

1: Make Instagram Your Go to Mobile App

When looking for maximum Followers on Instagram, you will also have to give it maximum of your time. Basically, you will need to make the app your go to thing on your modern smartphone. It should almost become second nature for your daily activities.

Also, keeping the app updated always will help you use best features from it. With Instagram launching a desktop app as well, you can have that luxury as well. For all the times you are working from your desktops, you can stay hooked on it as well.

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2: Focus on Content Quality

The basic purpose of Instagram and all other social media platforms for that matter is to help people share content. This can be personal or business content alike. However, the actual quality of it will always be the most vital aspect. You need content that is engaging and truthfully unique.

Whether you need to display any of your products or services through content or just share any meaningful content, it needs to he high-quality. Instagram usually is known to allow only the best quality content. Yours should always comply with all the requirements on it.

3: Post Modern Content in 2019 and Above

Content has changed its shape during the past few years. Where in the past simple images used to be enough, today people are looking for much more. All that you can do to make your content more modern and unique will provide great results. Options like videos, infographics etc. are great examples.

Basically, you are looking for content ideas that make it more attractive. Content designers today have so many ways of creating innovative attractive pieces that get the job done. Your content should always be modernized and not just simple images. Although, you can still use simple images in the mix as well.

4: Post Frequently and Following a Set Plan

When it comes to boosting your Instagram Followers at a rapid rate, your posting schedule will be significant too. How much you post and how frequently you do it will both attract customer attention. You have to find the right balance that works for your website and social profiles on Instagram.

Usually, you don’t even have to post like crazy all the time. There are pages that make the mistake of going with something like 3 – 4 posts per hour. This is often too much unless your page is about some kind of news or something. Product and service-based profiles do best with 9-10 posts a day, not more.

5: Post at the Right Times on Instagram

Then there is also the consideration of choosing the right times of the day for your posts. When you post on the right times, your user engagement and sharing can improve a great deal. You want your users to see your posts as soon as you do them to maximize followers on Instagram.

Usually three popular time windows work best for most kinds of profiles:

  1. Early morning 7-9 am
  2. Afternoon time 1-3 pm
  3. Evening posting 9-11 pm

However, depending on profile type and business niche, these time windows can change slightly as well.

6: Use Swipe Up Links, Descriptions with Link, Stories etc.

Instagram has evolved past a simple picture and content sharing app. There is so much new development in the app that you can now share content much more efficiently. Some of these modern options include:

  • Instagram stories (not new but very effective)
  • Swipe up links in stories or posts for maximum interaction
  • Links in the descriptions of products engaging more users

With these, your posts can get shared most giving way to boosted followership on the platform.

7: Response and Mentions in Comments

Finally, you would want to respond to all your comments you get (if not all than most). This provides users and followers peace of mind that their opinions in shape of comments is being heard. Followers are more likely to share you posts when you respond to comments.

Also, mentioning certain followers in comments is a great way to boost response as well. People tend to tag their friends when their names get mentioned in comments. Doing this, you will get much boosted number of new followers building your followership positively.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williamshttps://www.techocrush.com
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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