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6 Reasons to Buy Roku Streaming Device

Roku streaming device

Are you planning to buy a streaming player for your smart TV this weekend? Opt for Roku.

However, there are multifarious ways to enjoy the TV viewing experience and binge-watch your favorite such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon Video, DISCOVER NOW, etc. But, there are the number reasons why to choose ROKU streaming box. If you do not know about this device then allow us to let you know about this gem.

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming media player which enables to watch thousands of paid and unpaid channels via internet. There are a plethora of models available in player, however, they can access all the Roku channels but their functionality and specifications are slightly different.

Common Features of Roku’s Models:

  • It gives you crazy fast performance with its super-fast Quad-core processor.
  • It gives you cinematic picture quality as it supports full 1080p HD.
  • Easy access to all your favorite channels directly from the remote control.
  • Search anything with an ease.
  • Download Roku mobile app to watch private content, make your smartphone as your player’s remote control, and search through your voice.
  • A portable device which you can take everywhere with you.
  • A cost-effective device which comes under your budget.

These are some of the common features which you will find in all Roku players. With the streaming box, you will find a Roku troubleshooting manual through which you can install and activate your player easily and even resolve the minor technical issues which might occur during the use of the device.  But, this is not the end, there is so much more about this amazing device which enthralls you to buy this feature-rich player. Let’s have a look:


This streaming player is specially designed for keeping people’s budget in mind. If you want to access all the channels but in low price then Roku LT is definitely the best internet TV device, the price start at $49.99. And if money does not matter to you then you can opt for Roku 2 XS in the range of $99.99. The choice is yours!

Supports Plethora of Channels

Supports Plethora of Channels

When it comes to Roku streaming devices, there are many in the marketplace but they only support few channels like Netflix, but not in the case of Roku. Here, you can access more than thousands of channels (Paid or Unpaid). Whether you like to watch horror, comedy, actions, or romantic movies, just name it, this device supports it.


Gone are those days when plugging your smart TV with the internet was quite a daunted task. But, in case of Roku, the complete procedure is very simple even a 12- year-old can do it. Plug the set-top box with your smart TV, create your Roku account, activate it, select your preferred language, add your channels from channel library, and start watching your coveted online content.


Light-weighted and portability are the two main reasons which make this device extremely famous among people. This device is very tiny that you can even take it anywhere with you by keeping it in your pocket. If you want to hang it with your Television set, you can do it with the help of Velcro.

High-Picture Quality

This is the main question which circulates in lots of people’s mind that – could it really display 1080p picture quality efficiently? The answer is yes. It incredibly provides cinematic-rich picture quality directly to your TV.

Efficient Search Option

I understand how hard it is to search movies or TV shows by scrolling from top to bottom and it is impossible to remember all the channel numbers. Roku dwindles this issue, from its Search option you can easily and quickly search for movies or TV shows across the channels like Netflix, HBO, Crackle, etc. by title, directors, or actors.


If you are fond of the video games then here Roku will slightly disappoint you. However, there this device includes some games such as Angry Birds, but the problem is with its remote control it does not work well as a game controller. But, if your main aim to undercut those nasty cable subscriptions then this internet TV streaming device is simply awesome.

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