Buying Guide – JCB Parts durable and robust heavy machines

Backhoe loaders are durable and robust heavy machines consisting of a standard base of a tractor, which supports a digging handle on the end of the jointed-two arm. The other side of a backhoe loader generally has a front loader attachment. So, a backhoe loader’s seat rotates 360-degrees to let the operator easily monitor the side that is being used. 

The backhoe arm’s part that is attached to a tractor is known as boom while the part that holds its digger bucket is known as dipper. The pivot that joins the dipper and the boom is termed as the king-post. There are numerous attachments available for JCB like hammers, drills, rippers, breakers, rakes, etc. The front loader can be replaced with various plows, forklifts, and brooms as well. 

This versatile machine is usually used for digging or for extracting. Seeing a JCB at a construction site is very common because of its multiple uses. JCB is highly efficient and makes the tasks easier. A human would take several days to dig up a hole but JCB can do the same task within hours. However, you should be careful while operating it. Also, the loader easily transfers dug-out material from the land to a tractor or can even carry it. JCB is also used for extracting poles while creating less damage. 

People often purchase second-hand JCB due to its high price and then find JCB parts that are of top-notch quality to renew the machine. However, if you are considering buying a used JCB, there are several factors to pay attention to, which are –

  • Dents and cracks
  • Leakage from cylinders and hoses
  • The movement of seat, dipper, loader
  • Control pedals 
  • Working hour meter 
  • Tracks and Tires 
  • Age of the vehicle 

After checking the JCB thoroughly, you may be inclined to buy a JCB with some problems due to budget constraints. But, as mentioned earlier, you can change the parts and then your JCB will work like a new one. 

Finding authentic and genuine JCB parts is not that difficult. You have to find a reliable seller and then make sure the part is new and comes with a warranty period. Other factors to consider are – 

  • Price– You may come across numerous sellers claiming to sell high-quality JCB parts at different prices. The reason is that there are a few companies manufacturing JCB parts with varying price ranges. While buying, choose the part that fits your range and exudes quality. The item should feel heavy and robust and have clean edges. These are the parts that are worth the money. Do not mind spending extra if you get your hands on good-quality items. 
  • Warranty– Look for the warranty period offered by the manufacturer. A part should last you years without wearing off or breaking. For newer brands, dealers tend to give warranty from their side. You may want to avoid them because the warranty is offered by the dealer and not the manufacturer. Choose the product that comes with a genuine warranty period. 
  • Quality – This can be your deciding factor while buying JCB parts. You will be using the machine in rocky areas or marshy lands and would not want to buy parts that feel flimsy and are easily breakable. Moreover, the machine itself is heavy and robust, and for that, only the parts that have been tested in all circumstances for their performance are suitable. The life and power of a JCB depend significantly on the quality of the parts used So, even if the price is high, you should not refrain from investing in high-quality parts.
  • Manufacturer– You might be wondering how a manufacturer will affect your choice. Well, it is because manufacturers use varying quality checks and procedures while making their products. Furthermore, some reputed manufacturers will be supplying all the parts. They conduct in-house research as well and strive to make their product increasingly better and powerful.

Because your JCB will work even in harsh climatic conditions, its parts need to be tested for their performance as well as their ability to handle the pressure. Also, reputed manufacturers would ensure their customers receive the best parts only made with state-of-the-technology. 

  • Size – When you are buying any part, you should make sure that the size of the part fits your JCB well. This is important because if you buy an expensive product and find that it is a bit smaller or larger than the original product, you may have to make modifications to fit the product. Doing so can affect the overall performance of your JCB.

The Bottom Line 

JCB is an important machine to have if your work involves digging and excavating. This multi-purpose machine is extremely powerful and sturdy. This is why when you are buying a replacement part or an additional part, you must make sure it is of the best quality. Otherwise, you may end up affecting the overall strength of your JCB

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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