Do Freezing And Locking Data Assets Work In The Wake Of A Breach?

Locking Data Assets

To protect against identity theft, cyber security experts agree that consumers must be presented with effective ways to safeguard their data from being further misused. One way to do it is by freezing their credentials. Doing so could help from releasing the credit reports of the victims. For instance, when a lender pulls a consumer … Read more

TheOneSpy review- Best spy app for your kids and employees

Technology over the years has introduced plenty of new inventions. However, digital devices like cell phones, tablets, and PCs have no comparison. The world has become dependent on contemporary mobile devices and computing laptops and desktop connected to the internet. Not only have businesses worldwide, but young children also had their own devices. Therefore, digitally … Read more

3 Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker App for Android User

Best YouTube Thumbnail

Would you like to make some fantastic and mind-blowing custom video thumbnail for your YouTube channel? Thumbnails are generally the principal thing which watchers notice. This is essential to make thumbnail appealing. Here we bring you best YouTube Thumbnail creator applications of Android in 2020 which will assist you with creating attractive thumbnails for your … Read more

What is the benefits of Direct Selling Software?

Direct Selling Software

The term direct selling is self-explanatory. It is a method in which brands prefer to directly reach the customer through the agents, rather than follow a lengthy third-party distribution channel with various middlemen at different stages. The sales do not take place at retail stores. They happen in non-commercial areas such as at home, in … Read more

Become a master to download a free prime video! Can’t afford to miss

Free prime video

Indeed, What downloading a prime video is free? Do we have an opportunity? So, why? Most of the late-coming video lovers are sticking with the dilemma, thought to download Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar or others receiving prime video on a single platform is not possible unless and until we don’t pay.  So, is it true? Not … Read more