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Major challenges encountered by iOS developers with the latest trends

iOS developers

Ever since Apple gained recognition in the global market of mobile industry, it has brought a number of prominent changes in the technology. Over the years, it has introduced a variety of devices and countless versions. With every new version comes new features, which can bring challenges for the iOS developers. There’s no denying that app development and keeping up with the latest trends can be a daunting task for all mobile platforms around the globe. Let’s take a view of the challenges that iOS developers encounter in the domain of latest trends:

App compatibility

App developers are of the opinion that they find it relatively easy when apps are fully compatible with all the iOS platforms. There are various Apple devices available including iPad, iPhone etc. are available to use thus it makes it necessary for every device to be compatible with one another. Developers face several challenges during the app compatibility, some of the biggest challenges are OS and hardware compatibility. To overcome this challenge it is a must to test the application by using Taas to test issues if there are any.

App Store acceptance

App Store acceptance

The most daunting challenge iOS developers’ encounter is the App Store acceptance, they invest in considerable time and effort to make sure the iOS app is up to the mark and get the approval.  The developers must abide the rules and regulations so that the application gets a successful approval. According to the developers designing a successful application isn’t enough, it must be up to the mark with zero flaws. Developers need to be aware of all the guidelines to save the app from getting rejected. This will not only save your time but it will help you overcome this challenge.

Limitations in performance and memory

This is yet another challenge faced by the iOS developers, mobile performance, and a good memory is preferable to the users. When developing an app, the developers find it difficult to manage memory within an app as some applications require memory and some devices don’t have enough memory. The users tend to get discouraged when they cannot install an app. In order to resolve this challenge, the developers need to consider the requirement of the app memory to build an app accordingly.

Increasing importance of security and privacy

Lastly, mobile security is highly important for the users. The increasing demand for security and privacy has dominated the iOS platform. With the high risk of app theft and data violation cases have thrilled the iOS platform and made security a major concern for the developers to look upon. If the data isn’t secured, there’s a high chance of losing the data. Therefore, Encryption is vital. With the implementation of two-way verification system, biometric authentication, and other security system, the experts are ensuring that their apps are secured and they’ll do everything to provide security to the end-users.

The aforementioned challenges faced by the iOS developers can easily overcome if they undertake the necessary tips. Most importantly, thorough testing will help you ensure zero flaws in the app development. Moreover, with little knowledge and considerable effort, it will be easy for developers to overcome these challenges and stand out from the market.

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Jackson H. Mathew is a qualified and experienced iOS app developer who has been in the iPhone application development company Singapore for over 5 years. He’s well known for contributing to skills and abilities in his respected field. He also writes about the latest trends and features of apps and is considered as a great contributor.

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