How to choose the right sink for your kitchen?

It doesn’t matter what you buy, it is always best to do some research, especially if you are buying something basic that you will be using for many years like a kitchen sink. Finding a kitchen is a daunting task. To make things easier, it is best to break it down into subcategories such as size, shape, material, and type of installation. Also, you need to consider the pros and cons of each sink before you make up your mind.


Small vs large

There are two main options to choose from, small and large. Each of these options is further divided into many subtypes according to the shape or type of installation. In any case, you usually know what size of sink you need for your kitchen. Also, you need to consider your lifestyle and the way you use your kitchen. If you use a dishwasher, you don’t need to invest in a large sink otherwise you will end up wasting valuable space in your kitchen.


Round sinks

Round sinks are one of the most popular types of sinks used in a kitchen. They look chic and are pretty versatile. They can easily hold pots and dishes of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Round sinks are neither too small nor large. They are available in a variety of materials to choose from, which gives you the freedom to choose one that suits your kitchen design.

Rectangular sinks

These sinks are common in contemporary kitchens because of their clean and sleek design. Compared to round sinks, they are more difficult to clean and less versatile. But their biggest advantage is the modern look.

Farmhouse sinks

You can easily identify this sink because of its apron front and vintage vibe. They are rectangular in shape and have curved edges softening their look. Curved sinks are easy to clean than those with sharp angles. The only downside to farmhouse sinks is that they are not available in many finishes or colors, so you are stuck with limited options.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a pretty common material used to make kitchen sinks. It is durable and easy to clean. A stainless steel sink is suitable in a modern kitchen but it won’t fit well in a vintage or a traditional kitchen.

Porcelain kitchen sinks

Porcelain sinks are common in bathrooms but not in kitchens, especially in modern kitchens. This is because porcelain sinks have a vintage vibe. The benefits of choosing this sink are that it is available in almost any color, which gives you a lot of freedom to customize your kitchen.

Granite composite sinks

This sink is one of the most durable and resistant sinks. You can find sinks with a uniform, monochromic look, which looks awesome in a contemporary and modern style kitchen. The biggest advantage of using granite sink is that they are scratch-resistant, water stain-resistant, and chips resistant.

Natural stone sinks

These sinks look cool and stylish but they are susceptible to scratches, stains, and chips. They require special maintenance and you need to use special products in order to clean them efficiently. Also, stone sinks are pretty expensive compared to other types of sinks.


The number of bowls

Another important factor you need to consider before you buy a sink is the number of bowls. The most commonly used is the single-bowl sink. The benefit of choosing a single bowl sink that it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes that is suitable for small size kitchens. Then there is a two-bowl sink that is used for prepping and washing dishes. They are pretty large and expensive compared to a single-bowl sink.


Top-mount sinks

Top-mount sinks are the most common type of all. These sinks are inserted in a pre-cut hole into the countertop and have wide rims that support them. They are easy to install compared to other types of sinks. However, the lip of the sink is exposed, which makes it hard to clean.

Undermount sinks

An under-mount sink is installed to the underside of the countertop using special clips. You can also support the sink from below by the base cabinet structure. They are hard to install but they take less space as the rim is not exposed. They are easy to clean and give a modern look to your kitchen. Another benefit of the Collection of Undermount Sinks, you can choose from a variety of options according to your kitchen.

Flush-mount sinks

These are the most expensive type of kitchen sink but they are space-efficient and easy to clean. However, these sinks are difficult to find and have to be custom made with the countertop.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
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