How to clean your mac keyboards

The Apple Macintosh laptop is by far one of the most beautiful and powerful computers available today. It is manufactured by Apple Computers and is available in various flavors such as the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Whichever model you buy, the Macbook is a combination of power and beauty. Running the elegant iOS operating system, this laptop ticks all the boxes for use in school or at work. To get the best experience from your Macbook, it is necessary to clean it regularly. Its keyboard is prone to attracting dust and lint. How can you keep this collection of keys pristine? Here’s how to clean your Mac keyboards.

Why would you want to clean your Macbook keyboard?

We all know that laptop computers should be kept away from moisture as much as possible. Even a glass of water poses a huge risk to the electronic components held within. That said, why would you want to clean your Macbook keyboard? Firstly, many of us enjoy biting on snacks while typing on our laptops. This can easily transfer crumbs, color or oil from our snacks to the keys. Furthermore, the crumbs can get stuck under a key or two making it difficult or impossible to press them. In such a situation, typing becomes a tiring and taxing activity. These are some of the most common reasons to clean your Macbook keyboard.

Tips on how to keep your Macbook keyboard spick and span

While cleaning your Macbook keyboard, it is important to get the right tools. In this case, you need:

•             A can of compressed air

•             A hand-held vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush attachment

•             A set of lint-free cloths

•             A spray bottle containing clean water

Make sure that the can of compressed air still has its straw attached so as to control the airflow and then follow these steps to clean your Mac keyboards.

Cleaning procedure

Begin by holding your Macbook such that the keyboard makes a 75 degree angle with the tabletop. It should not be vertical so pay close attention to this angle.

With the keyboard horizontal and facing you, pick up the can of compressed air and spray the keys in a motion from left to right. You can spray one half of the keyboard first until you’re satisfied that it is clean. After that, move on to the next side and clean it using the same motions.

Rotate your Macbook to the right so that the keyboard is vertical and still faces you. Once that is done, spray it using a left to right motion. Ensure that you begin from the upper side and slowly descend while spraying it evenly.

Proceed to rotate your Macbook to the left while ensuring that the keyboard is still vertical and facing you. With the can of compressed air in hand, spray the keyboard using a left to right motion.

In each of the steps above, ensure that the straw on your can of compressed air is as close as possible to the keys. In this way, it will dispel any dust, debris or lint that could be stuck underneath.

There’s always a chance that the dust blown from under your keyboard will fall elsewhere on your beloved Macbook. This can cause further problems if it lands in the hinges or the minute gap between the frame and the glass display. How can you prevent this from occurring? Simply use a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristled attachment. To cap it all off, you’ll need to wipe down your Macbook with lint free cloths. Here’s how to go about all this.

After thoroughly blowing the keyboard with a can of compressed air, place it on a flat surface.

Attach the soft-bristled attachment upon the narrow nozzle vacuum cleaner and turn it on. With steady motions, run the vacuum cleaner lightly upon the Macbook keyboard. Begin by gliding from right to left and then back. Once that’s done, use a top to bottom motion upon the keyboard. Make a point to vacuum up the hinge area carefully so as to eliminate any debris that could be stuck there.

With the spray bottle, lightly dampen a lint free cloth and use it to wipe the keyboard. Use flowing, steady motions and routinely replace the cloth in hand with a different one while cleaning. An important point to note is that you should wipe consistently in one direction. This prevents dirt from being carried back into the clean sections. Finally, use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe down your entire Macbook.

Congratulations! Your Macbook keyboard and body is all clean.


Macbook laptops are highly valuable machines and require careful maintenance for them to continue operating at optimum levels. The keyboard is a supremely important section to clean on a regular basis. Our guidelines above can help you to accomplish this in a professional way. Enjoy cleaning your Mac keyboards and strive to do so every two weeks!

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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