6 Questions To Ask Your Clothing Wholesale Supplier at Initial Discussion

Do you have plans to start a fashion boutique? Looking to start a clothing retail business, offline or online or a combination of both? Whatever the reason is, entering in this domain could be a great step for you because of the wide scope of and demands for designer clothing across genders, age, and diverse background people.

While there are many aspects to look into when starting your designer clothing store, the kind of clothes and quality of these, along with regular supply and pricing are the factors that will define your long-term success. And all these depend heavily on your wholesale clothing supplier.

When consulting a clothing supplier, you must know whom to contact and how to communicate with them to determine you are having the sight support. Here are some critical questions you need to ask your LA wholesale clothing suppliers, or wherever you are located, before making a final decision:

1. Ask Them about Their Licenses and Other Regulations

You have to ensure that the one supplier you are working with is a licensed one, have skilled and qualified staff and technology and manufacturing process in place. Check about what the regulations are in place in your and their area of functioning and see if you both are in proper compliance with these.

2. Ask How They Keep up With the Fashion Trends 

Being trendy means customers will come to you depending on what type of trendy and designer clothes you are providing. This is something that you have to ensure and should ask your wholesale supplier too because it is key to get up-to-the-minute clothing line. Also ask them if the clothing category you want, like women’s clothing, kid’s clothing, is their core supply or not.

3. Ask Them to Provide You Some Samples

You can only gauge the quality and effectiveness of the clothing only when you check that personally, first-hand. Right from checking the stitching, threads, to every other aspect, quality assurance yourself is of utmost importance.

4. Ask them About the Supply Model

How they will supply the product, how much quantity they would be able to provide you with, who are their other clients, how much time-frame they would require after the order to deliver the products. These are some of the key questions that you must ask the supplier to know about their supply model in detail, so as to ensure that the demands and supply chain is seamless.

5. Ask Them About the Price

The price will determine how much margin you can sell that, keep up with the competitors and provide affordability to the customers. Thereby asking about the wholesale supply price will help you assess if the supplier is fitting to your needs or not.

6. Ask Them About the Return Policy

What would you do if you get some defective materials? What if the order is delivered of different products than what was ordered? This is the phase is when having a return policy in place will help you. This is something you must ask and clarify during the initial discussion only.

So, when you start your consultation with LA wholesale clothing suppliers, or wherever you stay, make sure to keep these questions before the supplier.

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