Cloud Storage App for Android to Backup Data Files

The cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which the user is allowed to store data on cloud accessible from the internet. It eliminates the need to store valuable information on computers or mobile phones. When you save your information to a cloud, you can get access to it from anywhere and anytime. There are various cloud storage apps rightly available that allow storing your precious data to the most secure and remotely accessible platform. We have reviewed here the most reliable cloud storage app TheOneSpy that lets the end-user to ensure the protection of their precious information. Read on to know how this app lets you create backup data for Android mobile phones.

Cloud Storage App – TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is a cell phone cloud storage app that allows users to create online backup of their mobile phone data. Once you install the app on your Android mobile phone, you can create online backup of the data stored on that phone without manually uploading the data to the internet. The cloud storage app automatically accesses crucial information and uploads to an online account which can be accessed through any other mobile phone or computer device by providing confidential credentials. Read on to know what sort of data can be stored to TheOneSpy cloud storage app for Android.

Store Messages

The messages you receive or send a contain confidential or important information. It is not reliable practice to leave your inbox without backup. You may delete your sensitive message conversation by mistake. And if you have created backup for these messages, you can retrieve necessary information anytime when needed. The cloud storage app of TheOneSpy lets you create online backup for your messages. The app accesses incoming and outgoing text messages and multimedia messages and uploads them to the confidential online account. You can log into that account anytime and from anywhere and can retrieve these messages. The storage app also lets you access contact numbers of message sending and receiving parties.

Store Data Relevant to Social Media Apps

The social media apps have great importance for businesses because they use these apps for digital marketing and customer care services. They use social media and instant messaging app to communicate with clients and third parties.These apps are used for answering and resolving customer queries. Therefore, it is crucial to create backup of the online chats of workers.

TheOneSpy data backup app lets you store online chats made via social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Skype,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Tinder, Kik, Vine, Hangout, Hike, Tumblr,Telegram, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo messenger. The messages made and received via these social messengers get uploaded to the online account. The online storage app also creates online backup of voice and video calls made and received via instant messengers.    

Store Call Logs & Call Recording

The detail of phone calls received and made via Android mobile phones can be stored with Android storage app. This app also offers call recording to store every incoming and outgoing phone call. The recorded calls get automatically uploaded to the online account from where you can listen and download these calls anytime.   

Store Browsing History

The internet browsing history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer can be stored with online storage app. You can also store bookmarks and key logs to store your passwords, usernames and email addresses.

Store Media Files

The photos and videos stored on Android mobile phones can be secured by creating online backup of these media files. TheOneSpy cloud storage app lets you secure your precious moments by creating online backup of your photos, videos, voice recordings and other important media files. The media files stored on Android phones get automatically uploaded to online account and can be retrieved anytime.   

Store Contacts

You can store all of your contacts by creating online backup of the Phone book. TheOneSpy also lets you manage your contact list via online account. You can add new contacts and delete unwanted contact numbers via online portal of cloud storage software.  

Take & Save Screenshots

TheOneSpy cloud storage app also lets you manage your Android mobile phone without taking it into possession. You can send command to your Android mobile phone via online portal and take screenshots. These screenshots get automatically uploaded to the online account from where you can retrieve them anytime.

TheOneSpy cloud storage app lets you secure almost your entire cell phone data which you can retrieve from the confidential online account any time and from anywhere. You can know more about the app visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy.   





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