Complete guide how to reset your ipad

Ipad users usually want to reset their IOS device due to some odd reasons. Either user wants to buy a new device and looking forward to selling the old one to someone else. So, they want tore store the iPad to factory settings in order to eradicate any sort of issues regarding their gadget. No matter what the matter is? All you need to do is to back up your iPad at very before you are going to reset it.

Because, when it comes to factory reset the iPad you will have to erase all of the data stored and settings from your iPad and the new user will have to set up new IOS apps and software. Factory reset is as same as you buy the new device.

Difference between Hard & Soft Reset

When it comes to IOS device is not working or seems unresponsive then you can use the method of soft reset. It is the same as you are doing it with a laptop and desktop computer machine.Because when you do the soft reset, it will not erase your data of our iPad device and it will not risky stuff for your IOS device.

If you want to perform soft reset on your device then just hold the Home & side buttons until the Apple logo appears at the screen of your iPad.

Then your particular device will get started with the usual startup process. On the other hand, if you have performed hard resets then you have to lose all of your data on your iPad in-case you have not done a back –up for the data.

However, you can do the process of hard reset via using iPad or using iTunes by connecting with the computer machine. But before make sure to have a backup your iPhone before making the hardest reset.

Use Factory reset method of iPad without iTunes

You can simply have to lose all of your data if you have not to manage to have back up in terms of multimedia,settings, and content from your iPad without using iTunes. Although, creating a backup to save your stored data into the iPad.

  • Go to the setting>General
  • Tap on Reset from the list

How you can get your eyes on couple of reset options.In case you want to remove all of the data stored into the device simply tap on Erase data content from settings. Further, it will ask you, do you want to update your iCloud Backup before you are going to remove the data. You will see three buttons: Back Up and erase Erase and Cancel. In –case you select the option “Back Up then delete and IOS will back up the iCloud data and prompts you to use the device password followed by the restrictions passcode.

Moreover, just make a tap on button on iphone. Now use apple ID password and tap Erase button. Then the data would be removed from your iPad and you will have like a new device.

Reset iPad with iTunes

If your IOS device such as iphone or iPad is already synced with the iTunes, then it will be easy for you to restore your device to factory settings by deleting the content and passcode.

  • Before starting restoration and make sure your iPad option is disabled.
  • Now connect your iPad device to the sync computer
  • You have to wait unless iTunes makes a connection to the iTunes

It is the time to restore iPad options that is placed at the Summary tab. Now you will see a message from iTunes to take a backup step of your iPad. You can skip the message if you don’t want back up option.

However, you can take further step ahead in order to delete the content from you iPad. In case you have already have done with the backup then you will have an option of restoring ipad using iTunes backup.

Moreover, you can also select the relevant data of your already created backup. On the other hand, if you have not done with any previous backup then all of the data stored in your device would be deleted and you have store new one. Your ipad has been restored to the factory settings and you can simply set up the device.