DesignEvo in the test: create a logo online for free

DesignEvo is an online service with which you can create a logo with lettering, graphics, color gradients, and the like free of charge directly in the browser using HTML5 on any platform. The more than 10,000 preset templates, symbols, fonts, and other elements ensure that you can have a logo for your blog, online shop, YouTube channel or the motto in just 30 seconds (or if you lose yourself in the software in three hours) -Abi can create. I looked at DesignEvo for a test and wrote a little experience report about it.

Create a logo directly online using the HTML5 tool, download it, and use it on the website, blog and social media? This is possible with DesignEvo – details can be found in this test and experience report.

Create a logo for free – Test DesignEvo

DesignEvo is advertised on the website of the same name as “Free Logo Maker” – behind it is Pearl Mountain, the software company that has been producing image processing programs since 2006 and has already been able to appeal to millions of users with FotoJet, for example. That doesn’t sound bad – so quickly click on “Create a logo for free” and search through the individual settings. You don’t even have to register for it. There is still a possibility to register; if you want to save logos or use certain services for a fee.

First of all, you are faced with the choice of numerous pre-made logos with matching lettering and can choose from several categories in addition to the search field. You can select from Abstract, Animals, Art, Automobiles, Finance, Children, Fashion, Food, Industry, Law, Letters, Lifestyle, Sports, Travel, Hotels and much more.

Once you have selected a style and want to adapt it to your taste, you can enter a company name and a slogan right at the beginning so that this data is adopted directly. But this is optional. So if you only want to create a graphic, you can do that too.

Then it’s time to adjust. The good thing about it: everything is pretty self-explanatory and very user-friendly. Add symbols and texts, define colors or gradients and align everything nicely. The symbols in the bar above the graphic preview help. Simply mark one or more elements and then have them moved horizontally, vertically and so on so that everything is centered with pixel accuracy.

If you are satisfied with your creation, you should first click on “Preview” in the menu bar. This shows what the logo with lettering on the business card, letterhead, notebook, website, t-shirt, etc. would look like. Unsatisfied? Then better adjust again! You can also save your interim results in the cloud.

Download the free logo

In addition to the options mentioned, there is also a download. If you have set the page in German, the corresponding button is called “Download”. If you click this, you will get a price overview – more on that below. If you use the free version, you can download a 500-pixel x 500-pixel logo – however, the consideration required for the user is displayed directly as a reminder (see below). If you click on “Agree and Download,” the created graphic will be downloaded as .jpg and .png in a ZIP file.

Usage and prices

As already shown in the graphic above, there are some prerequisites for using the free logo. This is how you should share DesignEvo, if you use it free of charge, on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), on the blog or on the correspondingly equipped website. If you don’t want to give credit, it costs money. And so we are pricing for free and professional use.

You pay 49.99 Dollars for the best package, which includes the copyrights to the image, the fonts as downloads for the corporate identity as well as vector graphics, and a transparent .png graphic with up to 5,000 x 5,000 pixels. If the logo is for a start-up, an up-and-coming blog, an association or a freshly going company, then it is definitely worth it. 

A multinational company with a large budget is bound to go through the professional path of a designer who also shows that the final logo does not look very similar to the logos of other companies/brands.

Conclusion on the offer

If you want to create a 500 Px logo free of charge for the wedding website, blog or another small project and also agree to indicate DesignEvo as a source of supply, you should use the service. The various packages “Standard” and “Plus” also offer (comparatively cheap) offers for more professional use and the purchase of the fonts used, copyrights and so on.

This is certainly a good solution when budget is tight-but not 100% can replace the designer who knows his craft, and the motto is “less is more”, which can incorporate the company idea into manageable graphics Inexperienced users may find it too overloaded to create graphics that ultimately lead to quite difficult …

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