Dangers of Drug Abuse at workplace

Substance abuse at the workplace makes employers suffer from heavy losses and according to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCDA). In U.S only companies have lost almost 100 billion dollars a year due to the presence of drug abusers who used to claims for incentives at the end of the day being in health problems.  The study has come up with plenty of results for those employees with illicit drug addiction at the workplace. The regular usage of illegal drugs or substances such as alcohol marijuana and others alike known as drug abuse. It creates issues at the workplace such as laziness, violent behavior, absentees, tardiness and workplace accidents. Therefore, companies have to face serious issues in terms of medical insurance. Let’s take a look at the infographics given below regarding the dangers of substance abuse at the workplace.

Must Read: https://www.theonespy.com/dangers-drug-abuse-workplace-infographics/

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