Developers of the FIFA 18 Needs to Work on the AI AG

The world of video games has experienced a number of new things with the advent of the twenty-first century,thanks to a number of new things that have been incorporated due to the development in the world of technology. One of the games which have managed to grab the attention of the gamers across the world for bringing new things consistently in its game play is FIFA. The developers of the game have managed to keep the fans of the games in the FIFA franchise really pleased with these in corporations.

The fans saw a number of new things coming in the game FIFA 17 when it was launched by Electronic Arts (EA)in the month of September last year. This is because there was a new engine that came in the game FIFA 17. However, there were a number of flaws that could notice as it prevented the complete glitch less experience of the gamers. And that has led to the rise in a number of complaints regarding the game and the fans are expecting that a number of new things will be added when Fifa 18 Game comes out on the market later this year.

Before getting into the news things that the fans might see coming in FIFA 18, we need to take a look at the probable release date of the game. And expectations are high that FIFA 18 is going to hit the market in the last week of the month of September in the ongoing year. The chances are minimal that there is going to be a delay in the release of the game for that has been the trend over the years to launch the latest edition of the game in FIFA franchise during the last week of September.

Now coming to the changes that need to be made in the game FIFA 18, it can be said that there are quite a few minor changes that are needed to be made before it comes out officially on the market. The primary change that needs to be made should come in the artificial intelligence that is there in the game already. But there have been occasions when we have seen that there are lots of things that do not work properly in the single-player mode in the game. So the gamers who have been eagerly waiting for the game to release for a long time now would really love to see a change in the Artificial intelligence of the game coming in.

Other than the Ai of the game,there are also few things which need up gradation to some extent. The graphics of the game needs to be taken care of for there have been a number of occasions where the gamers have reported improper running of the game. And therefore an upgrade in the graphics of the game is the order of the day for the developers of the game FIFA 18.However, there’s still some time left before the launch of the game in the month of September. And hence, the fans can expect some sort of changes to come in the game FIFA 18 when it launches later o






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