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How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Expert

As consumers spend more time working on the internet and not as much time with other stations — advertisers are also forced to follow this trend. The ads have to be there where the eyeballs are. Regrettably, digital marketing isn’t as straightforward and straightforward as traditional advertising. Digital marketing is best done in-house and can’t be outsourced into a digital marketing service for various practical reasons. This is the reason why that digital marketing expert is sought after all over the world at this time, and the requirement for these candidates will only go up later on.

If you have a marketing background and want to become an electronic marketing expert; you may be asking yourself that is the best way to go about doing it. There are several courses on electronic marketing that are being offered as workshops, online classes and one-on-one coaching programs.

There are even MBA programs with specialisation in digital There are certification exams like HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification program and Google Adwords certification. But does attending all these courses and obtaining all of the certificates make you a digital advertising expert? The answer is a big NO. It may help you learn the fundamentals and even some advanced concepts in digital advertising, but it does not cause you to career prepared for a position like Digital Marketing Manager. Digital marketing expertise includes digital marketing experience. Learn Advance Digital Marketing training in surat

The best way to become a digital advertising expert is to Start practising digital advertising from today. The best thing about digital marketing is you could begin doing it on a modest scale. You can learn digital marketing & advertising by applying the concepts in your mini-project. Here are the things you can do right now:

Using Digital Marketing on a Small Scale

Select a topic you are passionate about and start a blog about it. Price: Approx $50 per year for hosting and domain.

Learn a little about SEO and compose SEO optimised posts on your blog. Research Google Analytics.

Write more articles and publish on your site.

Open a Facebook webpage dedicated to your blog (besides the personal page) and share the articles on your Facebook page.

Promote your page using Facebook advertising.

Employ Facebook like box on your blog.

Embed social sharing buttons into your site articles. You can do this with WordPress plugins, and it’s free.

Sign up for an email marketing service such as Aweber. Costs $20 per month. Also, try MailChimp.

Embed email signup forms on your site and collect readers. Email readers whenever you publish something on your blog.

Boost your FB page through email advertising and then turn also find more email readers from your FB page.

Promote your site via Adwords. Get started with quite low CPC bids. Most new Adwords accounts receive a free $100 charge for promotion. If you don’t get it, then phone Adwords support and they will provide you free credits to get you started.

Sign up for Google Adsense and deploy advertisements codes on your blog.

Convert your site into a mobile-friendly website and make mobile advertisements in Adwords.

All the above steps can be done in 30 days by investing one Hour per day. Once you do all the levels above you would have gained a little hands-on experience from the following areas which pretty much amounts up into the next major components of Digital Marketing:

Elements of Digital Marketing

Content marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Search (PPC)

Email advertising

Social Media Marketing

Digital Display Marketing (Ad Ops)

Internet Analytics and Reporting

Mobile Marketing

30 hours of experience does not make you an expert in Digital Marketing. However, you may be a much better qualified digital advertising professional than most of the people available on the market. After this, you can continue scaling up your mini-project and add even more things for this. For example, Google webmaster tools integration is something I have not mentioned in the above list, but it is essential for digital advertising. Your expertise increases the level you are ready to scale up your project.

I became a digital marketing expert on my own. My first Project started against the actions mentioned above. I kept scaling it up to a point where it reached more than 1 million page views per month, and it had been one of the leading bicycle portals in India at the time. It turned into a fully operational firm with five team members, significant earnings from display advertising and deep relationships with major motorcycle manufacturers in India. As of today, that project was acquired by a big media company.

The job of a Digital Advertising Manager

Practical hands-on experience of applying digital advertising Principles added with a few qualifications and certifications which makes you a perfect candidate for a job profile for example as Digital Marketing Manager of a new or business.

As a manager of electronic marketing, You’ll Be accountable For spearheading the entire digital marketing wing of the company. You may also have to handle a team of people that will be prepared to execute specific digital advertising and marketing actions. Digital marketing is most effective when most of the components of electronic marketing are used in this way that they complement each other. Also, this is known as Integrated Digital Marketing. If the business is big enough, the job title can be VP of Digital Marketing where many managers report to the VP. These tasks are coming up fast and can be highly lucrative.

If you are not interested in a full-time job like I have Just said, you are still able to use your digital marketing and advertising expertise to consult, speak in universities and seminars and grow your internet projects.

So what are you waiting for? Get started getting a digital Marketing expert now. Now.

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