Discover the Benefits of Serviced Offices in Auckland

Benefits of Serviced Offices in Auckland

Setting up a new business, expanding your existing business or cutting the costs of your already established company can be easier than you might think. Maybe you just need a short-term space that is fully functional and equipped with everything you need to get the ball rolling from the moment you walk through the door. With a serviced office, this is completely possible. Managed by someone else, the provider takes all the hassle out of finding space in a prestigious area of the CBD and setting up your office, letting you to get on with running your operations with confidence.

You can rent an entire office, office equipment, staff and all with flexible and reasonable terms. You can just move in and start, without having to stress about long-term leasing contracts. Instead, you pay a flat rate month-to-month, allowing your more flexibility for your business to remain adaptable. They are typically located in a prime business area; for a serviced office in Auckland, choose from 2 premium office locations in the heart of the business district.

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Keeping Your Costs Down

Using a serviced office can cut costs for a business of any size, as you may only need the office space for a few months, you don’t have to lease for a whole year or more. There is no capital investment, keeping funds free and there is only one monthly bill, covering all costs, furniture, staff, security, and utilities. You can often share equipment and spaces, so you pay for what you use or get a reduced cost for the services.

Greater Flexibility

Flexibility is a big selling point for serviced offices. First of all the terms are flexible. You can often just move in and pay month-to-month and then you can end the contract, often with only one month’s notice. No need to worry about getting locked into a lease that may run for several years and hinder the progress of your business due to capital being tied up in rent.

You also have the choice of using extra meeting rooms, or extra space that you only pay for when you use them, rather than paying for an empty space. The best part of the extra rooms is the shared space means shared cost. You have a professional setting for your corporate meetings in a professional space, with trained staff to make sure it all goes to plan.

This flexibility is also apparent for the ‘move in and the get to work’ aspect of a serviced office solution. They are already set up and ready to go, you just come in, hang up your coat and get to work. There is flexibility in moving out, as well as you don’t need to pack everything up, no need to give a long notice or break a lease. Just gather your personal belongings, and off you go.


Nothing says lost business like a phone that goes unanswered or the customer who doesn’t get noticed until they are walking back out the door. Let your serviced office take care of that worry. There’s always someone at the front desk to make sure you get all your calls, messages, mail and potential clients. This extends to the security, the maintenance, technicians and cleaning staff, all included in your monthly rate.

Why a Serviced Office is the Right Choice

Whether you’re a startup, an established business or just looking for a temporary workspace, you should consider using a serviced office. From coffee to copying, and everything in between, you have enough to worry about, so why not let a serviced office take care of you while you take care of business.

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