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How to Download Geometry Dash for Android

We all have come across Super Mario game at least once in our lifetime. Yes, the same game where you need to dodge your character through many obstacles, collect coins while on the run and finally reach your goal to save the princess. Well, if you are a fan of the gameplay then, of course, Geometry Dash is a game of your type. And today we will discuss how to download Geometry Dash for Android devices.

Some might think playing video games, especially on phones is so high-school and definitely not his/her cup-of-coffee. But it actually is the other way around. It is a great pastime, and games like Geometry Dash can prove to be a great partner when you are traveling, bored in your cubicle, or when you sit in the morning. Ahem!

What actually is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is an arcade game developed and published by RobTop Games. It was released on the 13th of August for Android and iOS devices. The game boasts of over 5 million installations and a whopping 4.8 out of 5 stars rating in the Google Play Store itself.

In this game you have to control the geometry-shaped character, to jump, fly, and flip through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles, failing which will kill and respawn the character in the previous checkpoint. Geometry Dash has a simple yet engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

Features of Geometry Dash:

  • Rhythm-based action/arcade gameplay; good to play and listen to
  • No scope of being bored with monotonous level as the game has lots of levels with unique tracks to keep you entertained
  • You can build and share your levels with the help of level editor; boast your geometry-dashing skills with to your friends
  • Option to unlock new icons and colors to customize your character; make your own type of geometry character
  • You can use the practice mode to skill up before playing the levels; this actually helps to kick-start
  • And the best part – no in-app purchases; so no interruptions asking you to upgrade at any point of the game

How to download Geometry Dash for Android

Geometry Dash is one of the top-rated arcade games in the Play Store. Unfortunately, unlike most of the arcade games, this one is not free; you have to buy it for US$ 1.99.

Just open the Play Store on your Android device and search for Geometry Dash. You will get four Geometry Dashes by RobTop Games viz. Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and the original Geometry Dash. The other three versions, apart from the original one, are available to download for free.

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 Geometry Dash Download APK:

Like always, there is a workaround for everything. If you’re hesitant to pay for the original Geometry Dash, you can always download the APK file and install it manually. You’re welcome!

Click here to download Geometry Dash APK!


Once the file is downloaded, tap on it for installation. However, the installation might be blocked if the Unknown sources option is not checked in your device’s settings. In that case, you will have to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Lock screen and security
  • Scroll down to Unknown sources and make sure it is

You should now be able to install Geometry Dash APK to your device and you’re good to go. You don’t even need to set up an account in order to begin playing the game. However, you can connect socially on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Wrapping it up:

Geometry Dash is a good game to kill boredom with its unmatched gameplay and lots of challenging levels. You can also try the other versions of the Geometry Dash game by RobTop Games. Downloading and installing APK might feel smart, especially when you can get a paid game for free. However, the game might not receive future updates and also there are chances that it stops working. Hence, you will need to uninstall the existing APK and download the new version as soon as it is available to continue playing the game post official updates.

So, this is how to download Geometry Dash for Android. I hope you found the article useful; please let us know about your favorite arcade game in the comments below. Cheers!

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