How to Download ShowBox for Windows PC

In the last decade, technology has improved in leaps and bounds. From the start of the new millennium, we have witnessed many changes in the technological field. But among them, most prolific one is certainly the evolution of the smartphones. The device, packed with various applications has made our life much easier. So when we are talking about the smart phone applications, the video streaming applications have been the most popular among the all. The video streaming applications help us to watch our favorite movies,TV shows and cartoons on our handset even when we are on the go.

Show Box is like the kingpin of all the video streaming applications, the most popular and the most effective one. The application has gained unimaginable popularity during the last couple of years, and has been awarded as the most downloaded video streaming application. The reason why Show Box has been so much successful is the uncluttered and intuitive user interface the app offers to the users. All the TV shows, movies, cartoons are categorized as per their genres and they are available in various different resolutions, starting from HD to 144p. Another great advantage of using ShowBoxon your respective device is it allows the users to download and watch their favorite movies, TV shows or cartoons even without the internet connection with the help of the Offline Mode.

So the question is, if you want to download ShowBox for your Windows-based PC, what should you do? As the video streaming application is mainly designed for the Android users, ShowBox is not officially available for the Windows-based desktops or laptops. So to Download Showbox for Windows PC,you have to use some tricks and tweaks. You need an Android emulator to successfully install and run ShowBox on your Windows laptop or desktop. An Android emulator is basically a software which runs any Android based application on a Windows or Mac PC with the help of the emulator’s online interface. In this process, we have taken the help of the Blue Stacks Android emulator, because it is the most famous and reliable Android emulator, among all which are available in the market currently.

 Step 1: So to start the process, first download the Blue Stacks installer file from the official website of the Android emulator.

Step 2: Now, double click on the Blue Stacks installer file,read the instructions coming on your screen and install the software on your Windows-based desktop or laptop.

Step 3: After that, download the ShowBox apk file from the internet. As the streaming application is not available for Windows, the APK file is the most important ingredient in this process.

Step 4: Now visit the directory of your Windows PC where you have downloaded the ShowBox APk file. After that, right click on the ShowBox apk file and then open the file with the Blue Stacks apk handler. This move will start the installation of ShowBox on your Windows PC.

Step 5: Finally, open Blue Stacks again, tap on the ‘All Apps’ section and here you will find ShowBox app’s logo. Click on the icon and start using ShowBox on Windows PC for free.

Su guys hopefully this steps will help you to download ShowBox on your Windows-based laptop or desktop. So just download the application and start watching movies for free.






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