Implement An Electronic Signature Software and Make Your Business More Productive

It is no secret that in today’s digital era, leveraging the latest technology is the best approach for business growth.  Enabling your business development department to generate, nurture, and close more contract deals, is of high importance. Strategically investing in technological solutions can make things easier and better for both customers and the business. Replacing the paper ink signing system with the use of the E-signature software solution can be a game changer for businesses of all sizes. 

Adopting electronic signature has been important to fulfilling customer expectations and helping them smoothly and efficiently interacts with your organization.

Do you want to know how? Here we present a list of reasons an advanced e-sign software solution can make business more productive:  

Providing Document Security

Security is at the top everyone’s mind, and even if a feature-rich solution lacks in providing adequate security, it is not simply worth the purchase. While following the traditional hard copy approach, documents are secured in locked file cabinets. But there is no guarantee about safety and your significant documents could get misplaced and tampered. With an advanced e-signature software solution, it is easy to safeguard your documents with a high-level of evidence and security. All signed documents come with a detailed log of events of the document’s lifecycle and are highly protected with a tamper-proof seal that will alert you if any part of the document is changed or tampered after signing process. You can track every signer signing the document, downloading a copy of the finished document, and more.

Streamlining Workflows and Fast Payments

Using an online e-signature software solution allows faster payments, especially on accounts that require multiple signatures. Instead of simply waiting for downloading, scanning, and faxing documents, the document can be directly sent to the next signer. Paper-based signing process takes a lot of time and with e-signature that time can be saved and used for other productive tasks. The e-signature solution also benefits overall workflow as it can help in tracking documents and know their status in the process.

Go Paperless

With electronic signatures you can move to a paperless office and cut down expenses on ink, paper, printing and scanning charges, and shipping costs. Eliminating manual process needs no document filing and data retrieval and reduces the risk of lost documents that can result in less productivity.

Better Customer Experience

Today, online business is at its peak and customers expect that businesses they work with provide best services. With many clients engaged in online business, it is very important to modernize this very vital step in any business operation that is, contract signing process.  Cloud-based electronic signature software such as SutiSign needs no installation and customers can sign documents with great ease from anywhere and any device. Making the signing process easy and fast will satisfy your customers and they will be even more interested in doing business with your organization.

Speed up Contract Signing in HealthCare

Professionals in hospitals and healthcare units have to worry a lot about waiting for the paperwork to be completed within the deadline. Using electronic signature in healthcare contract management software can speed up the time-sensitive contracts that can affect patient care. Using contract management software including e-sign software, in the hospitals and healthcare units helps in preventing any unnecessary or unwanted delays in finalizing contracts, thus helping hospital performance.  With this solution it is easier to streamline and accelerate the process, such as, reducing repetitive signing, and when parties are geographically apart contract updates and then signing is not hampered.

Lower Transaction Cost

The automated process of electronic signature reduces human error such as signing mistakes that can slow down the process and can be the cause for costly problems if not detected in the initial stage. An electronic signature software solution provides alerts on suspicious records which are involved with the contract ensuring that everything is in order.

Tracking Progress

Say goodbye to those days when you wonder whether “Didn’t he sign yet?” as that can be really frustrating. Adopting online electronic signature software solution makes it easy for you to track documents in your dashboard and send your signers a reminder email stating to sign the document if forgotten by them.

The Bottom Line

Electronic signature software can help you to digitally sign and close business deals with your customers easily saving your valuable money and time. It also reduces the risk of frauds and keeps contract documents safe and secured.

Author Bio:

Kevin Peterson is a content marketing enthusiast, freelance writer at SutiSoft, specializing in Business, ERP, Technology and Cloud/SaaS trends.

Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams
Sulina Williams is senior content editor in a reputed SEO firm in Sydney. She also mange content at TechoCrush and loves to write on business norms, latest technologies who helps to connect the human with the digital world. To know more about her follow her on twitter @williamssulina


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