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How Fake YouTube Views Drop Your YouTube Business?

Thousands of new channels start every day on YouTube. Well, to differentiate between the quality content and the spam, the YouTube algorithm has been revised. 

As per the new YouTube algorithm, if you are using the bots to increase the viewers and subscribers on your channel, then the particular video might be put to the spam list. 

If you want to go for purchasing the YouTube views, make sure that you buy Real YouTube Views from a reliable source. In addition, you might not leave your efforts for building your organic traffic. No matter even if you buy the real viewers, there are always chances of getting a downside in the traffic on your channel. 

Even if they are paid, they will not be helpful to convert the necessary watch hours and subscribers. Now, if there is a considerable drop down in the watch hours, and if your channel does not have 1000 subscribers, you will not be eligible to make money through the YouTube platform.

Fake Vs Real Youtube Views:

If you purchase the real views, and the users do not watch the complete video, YouTube considers the irrelevancy of the content and the channel. If multiple users drop your video without watching the 70% of the entire video, then your video and sometimes your channel is put to spam. If you are in the spam list, no matter what is the count of the audience on your channel, you will not be eligible to earn through the YouTube medium. 

On the contrary, if you do not Buy Real YouTube Views, and you focus only on building organic traffic, there are high chances that you do not earn for the first year, if there is vast competition in your niche, it might take even 24 months to reach the expected earnings from your channel. However, once you reach that position, it is sure that you would never lose the place. 

Every year there would be a rise in your audience and your wallet if you focus on generating the quality content. Upload the content that is unique and attractive to the audience. Build several ways to interact with the audience. 

Always make your channel interactive for your viewers and subscribers. Upload the teasers and trailers of your upcoming videos. Thus, they are curious about what will be the next content on the channel. 

In short, it is in your hand that do you want to make a profit or loss on the business. With the increasing competition, you need to put additional efforts to keep your channel in the list of higher rankings. 

In a Nutshell:

It is seen in research that many people who Buy Real YouTube views and do not make any other efforts to gain traffic often see the downfall in the business. It is ok to approach and buy the views for initial growth, but you cannot rely on the same as a permanent source of building an audience. 

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