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Five Best Grammarly alternatives for writing

You might have found it difficult to write flawless in your previous stages of life, but now as we know we live the era of internet and information technology it became easy to write error-free with the help of available online tools.

Grammarly is perhaps the most familiar software that helps you avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling, punctuation and all the other relevant mistakes that are likely to be made while writing.

But there are some other alternatives to Grammarly that also provide the same service either in the same or in different ways. In this article we are going to elaborate Five of those alternatives, so let’s proceed with them.


ProWritingAid is an online tool that help you check your Grammatical mistakes, plagiarism and also style editing. This is a tool that does not only help you avoid mistakes but also help you to improve your writing and English skills.

ProWritingAid is one of the competitors to Grammarly and perform the same functions as Grammarly, but there are some differences between them.

ProWritingAid is an editing program that offers services in such way that are helpful to improve both your grammar skills and style of your writing.

  • ProWritingAid is helpful in:
  • Fixing grammar and spell errors.
  • Consistency between tenses.
  • Readability of the contents.
  • Uncertain words.
  • Poor words choice.
  • Integration with other platforms:
  • ProWritingAid can integrate with the given platforms.
  • Microsoft word.
  • Google docs.
  • Scrivener.
  • Web browsers.

You can either download its Desktop app for window or you can paste your text to its web-based editor.


Ginger is another best tool for checking and correcting Grammatical and spell mistakes while typing, the acceptability and popularity of Ginger is great as it is compatible with Desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

The best thing with Ginger is that it does not only point out errors but also gives correct suggestions while the user types.

Beside all the other features, the top-rated feature is the included dictionary that on the spot checks for words either they are used appropriately or not. Moreover, Ginger assist its users to easily communicate in different languages as it can translate text to 40 different languages.

  • Features of Ginger software:
  • Sentence rephrasing.
  • Translation.
  • Text reader.
  • Dictionary.
  • Errors Analysis.
  • Mistakes Practice.

Who can use Ginger?

Anyone who is somehow in contact with English or any other particular language and want to expert that particular language can use the Ginger, as the tool is not for any specific category of people.

The users of the tool can be students, professional writers, non-professional writers, Blog writers and all those who try to learn any language among the list of 40.


If we had to look for a Grammar checker then of course Grammarly is the best option among its alternatives, Grammarly is an application or web-based tool that checks your writing for grammatical and spelling mistakes and make it plagiarism free.

You will be glade to hear that Grammarly has two option of writing that means you can switch between British and American English. Grammarly is useful for those who are yet new to writing and also for experts.

Features of Grammarly:

  • Checks for grammar and spell.
  • Enhances vocabulary.
  • Checks punctuation and sentence structure.
  • Word as a plagiarism checker.

Does Grammarly cost money?

You can use Grammarly free of cost for most of its common features, however if you have to play with its advance features then you must go for its premium version that may cause you spent little bit of money.

Monthly package will cost you $29.95 and yearly package is $139.95.

  1. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is like a shining star in the list of Grammarly alternatives, WhiteSmoke efficiently checks your writing for Grammar, spell and punctuation mistakes. Furthermore, it also adds extra style to your writing in order to make it more acceptable.

The most unique feature with the WhiteSmoke is that it contains more than 100 writing templates that help you write effectively, these templates consist of Resume, Condolences, thank you, Cover letters and Reports etc.

Integrity with other devices:

WhiteSmoke is available for almost all the current devices including Mac, Windows, web-browsers, iOS and android etc.

WhiteSmoke Features:

Some features of WhiteSmoke are given below:

  • Translator & dictionary.
  • Spell checker.
  • Punctuation checker.
  • Text enrichment and video tutorial etc.
  • Online correction

Online correction is another online tool or program that makes your writing easier by analyzing your content for grammatical and spell mistakes and then gives you suggestion to recover those mistakes.

Online correction searches for grammar, style, spell, punctuation and also find out duplicate words in the content.

Beside the English language the online correction tool also supports some other languages that means you can work with any content written in German, Spanish, French, Italian, polish and Russian etc.


In the final words of the article, it is important to remind you that effective and errors-free writing is the key to success if you do something online. Either if you write something academic or for your business purposes you need to write perfect and appealing.

But writing in secondary language could be hard for non-native, this is why some online solutions are there to try.

This article was to help you find out those online tools to work with. If you are the one who want to write errors-free and want to promote your business then of course this article is for you, check out any of the tool for your writing journey.

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