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Five trends of social media marketing 2018

Five trends of social media marketing 2018

As we are stepping into the New Year, it is time for us to stop and take notice at the current social media marketing trends. Because what was working last year may not be in trend anymore. Each year the trend keeps changing. Social media marketing is still very much in demand. The fuzz about social media is not going to die any time soon. So, making use of this platform in marketing is a smart move. Just how you go about it is what is important and should be updated according to time.

Here are some social media marketing trends that social media marketing companies in India are guessing will highlight the coming year –

Mobile friendly content –

The world is at the fingertips of everyone who owns a mobile phone. It is through smartphones that majority of the people are accessing the digital media. Applications are what everyone is depending upon from cooking to doing business. So many brands are focusing mainly on creating content that is designed especially for the mobile screen. Mobile-ready content is the hot trend which will continue to be in demand. Mobile friendly content is simpleand user friendly. Not all contents that are created for larger gadgets can be used for mobiles. When used without changes, the result will be pathetic. So, it is important that all businesses have special content that is created only for the mobile phones. All the mobile phones should be able to read through the content easily and without problems.

Video content –

What words can never do what vision can. Visual technology can have greater impact on people than any form of media. So, social media is flooded with videos that become the hot news. Rich content such as video clips create great engagement. They enable user interaction and collects consumer insights. Eye grabbing videos are not hard to create if you show some interest. The videos must be unique and one of its kind. After all videos is not just a form of entertainment. They can convey important messages, create a topic for discussion and help people connect with others and your company. Don’t forget that people not just watch videos; they read the comments written below too.

Faster customer service –

No online business page should be robotic and inactive. Interaction with customers can do wonders to the marketing on social media platforms. Interaction will provide instant connection with the prospective customers, both near and far. If you provide a chance to interact quickly with the audience, it will have a personal touch of service. This will be noted in the minds of your consumers. You can send personalized messages and connect with the audiences. Your reply to any queries must be automatic and within five minutes from the time a question is asked. People do not have much time to sit around and wait for your answers. If you do not reply within one day, the prospective customers will not mind moving on to their next option. After all, there are too many fishes in the sea. It is important question to Ask Before Hiring A White Label PPC Management Agency.

Ephemeral content –

The various social media platforms like Instagram ,Facebook  have made ephemeral content very popular. The ephemeral content is temporary. They stay for 24 hours after you share them and then they disappear. Brands are creating ephemeral content because it is a strategy to grab instant and large attention because the content is temporary and hence draws more attention. Ephemeral content stories are considered real-time content and as the life of them is short, they urge customers to immediate actions. Also, as these stories appear at the top of a person’s news feed, your brand will be on the top of their minds too. But, you must make your stories unique to be attention grabbing. As the customers tap on your stories, they must be so persuasive that the viewers should take immediate actions to hire your services.

As years pass, the companies should make sure that their content marketing campaigns are keeping up with time. No matter what kinds of technology are introduced, content is still the king. Along with content, there are other things that must be taken care of. From traditional publishing, we have evolved digital marketing company. But things keep changing and it is but natural to adapt to the relevant changes.

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