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A new fling on Shuttle Service by Lyft

We would have across situations where we would like to have a door-door pickup and drop. There are places where we can see that there is a shuttle service available for the people. Most of the people do commute to different locations throughout the day. It can be their workplace, home or any other place where they want to go to. The shuttle services which are available in general are a bus, train or a flight which helps us to travel from point A to B.

There are people who want to get off in the midway, as their destination is that particular route when it comes to buses and trains. It is a common thing that the buses and trains help people to commute to different places in a single travel. Think about a cab which will be able to provide us a shuttle service, it would be of a great help to us.

Lyft has decided to introduce a new option to its riders, where they will be able to hail a cab as a shuttle. The trips which will be done is set by the Lyft drivers, they will fix the point-point service. Apart from the price for the ride would be fixed according to the time and distance for the travel as well. The company is testing this new feature of providing the shuttle service to the people.

They have decided to take this initiative and implement it in only two of the locations of the 300 locations in the United States where the service is available at present. Shuttle service will enable the drivers to get along with a said route to pick up and drop the riders off en route. The firm would like to receive reviews from the riders about this new venture of theirs.

A spokesperson from Lyft stated that they get to see many situations where there is a requirement of a shuttle service and it will become an easier way for the people to commute to different places at minimal costs. It is evident that the company is trying to provide better and seamless rides with their service and we can see that Lyft is expanding as well.

Uber has been the behemoth in the ride-hailing industry, and Lyft is giving a tough competition to it. It said that Uber has been valued at around 68 billion dollars while the latter has been valued at 5.5 billion dollars. A factor needs to be noted here is that the service available from Uber is throughout the world and Lyft has just expanded to almost 100 new cities in the United States as a part of bolstering its business.

It is a fact that Uber provides it service in around more than 550 locations in the world, whereas it is just 300 locations in the US Lyft is providing its service. We can see that the latter is scaling up the ladder to make its business reach for the heights. The rivalry has been strong enough and we can see that it continues to be so.

Lyft expanded its business in 100 locations in the America and Uber is struggling to get along with all the speculations and allegations which have been made by the company. Meanwhile, Uber stated that there is a new feature which it has introduced in its app. A user will be able to change the pickup location once their ride has been confirmed.

There have been situations where the feed for the pickup location has not been proper. A ride which starts with a call to give directions to the driver to get to the said location will most probably end in the cancellation of the ride itself. This new feature will help us to overcome this kind of issue, once we have hailed the cab, we can update the pickup location, so that the driver will be able to reach us promptly.

In the year 2015, Uber a different kind of pilot called as Uber Hop in Seattle where a group of riders was provided with the service where the drivers used to take the same route on a regular basis with the same driver. On a later note, even Ford introduced “Dynamic Shuttle” where vans, were operated along with the said routes and the pickup and drop points, differed from time to time.

The company introduced this feature along with other features in the app last November. Apart from that, they stated that their will modification for the pickup location will be made available in the US, the UK, and Canada as well. On the other hand, Lyft is planning to introduce a pilot for this shuttle service in other parts of the country as well.

Lyft has decided to introduce this pilot in other parts of the country based upon the feedback which they will receive. The service of the shuttle will be available only during the peak hours and the timings will be between 6:30 and 10:00 in the morning and 4:00 to 8:00 in the evening. Well, it is a good initiative which Lyft has taken, but there are a few questions which arise with the service which is made available for the riders.

What will be the price for the rides taken? In which set routes will the drivers travel? Are there any possibilities of introducing more routes in the near future? Are there a set number of cars which will be used for the shuttle purpose alone?  These are the few questions which have been unanswered and the company has to respond to the questions, so the riders will have a better clarity of the service which they are receiving from Lyft.

We can see that the company has been making efforts in a consistent manner to make sure that their service reaches to everyone possible. The year has started on a good, not for them, they bolstered their business to 100 more locations. Introduced luxury rides for the people, who always to want to go on a ride in an expensive and extravagant car.

This shuttle service which Lyft has introduced is an expansion for the carpool service which they have been providing their customers. People will be able to get a ride for a short distance at a minimum rate by saving time and the small walk as well. They can take the ride to the shortest distance and pay for it, and the price will be a fixed one which is nominal.

The best part of this new shuttle service is that during the peak hours the demand for the service is high, so there is surge pricing for the individual rides which the riders would take. Meanwhile, we can see that there will be no surge pricing applied to the shuttle service, as the prices are fixed. This is definitely going to help the people by saving time, money and the short walks as well.

Apart from that, the drivers will be halting at different locations to pick up the riders or drop them off at the said destination. This is initiative is definitely going to help Lyft on a large scale post its expansion. We can expect that this new feature will be made available in other parts of the country as well. For time being it will be available in San Francisco and Chicago, it is clear that the company is going to make it bigger and better.

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