What is graphic design and how does it enhance online visibility

Graphic design is one of the most fundamental pieces of the usability of a website, so we must dedicate the importance it deserves. The visual part of a project is what attracts the attention of the users and, if it is well designed, it keeps them on the site.

Therefore, you must work on this aspect of your website, being aware that it directly affects SEO positioning.

This relationship between SEO and what is graphic design, is marked by the metrics used by search engines to assess the positioning of each website. One of those metrics is the time that people spend within a page, and what their user experience is. That is, it is interesting to create a website that is attractive so that users want to spend time in it.

In addition to this indicator, search engines take into account many other requirements, such as:

  • The relevance of the content.
  • The authority of the website regarding the competition.
  • The quality of the information.
  • The frequency of update.
  • The ease with which users find information.

So, even without being a decisive factor for positioning, a good design will increase the time spent, the frequency of visits, and the reputation of the brand itself. All these aspects also influence your positioning, improving Google’s SEO opinion on your website.

A good visual content manages to communicate and attract the audience in just a few seconds, since users tend to judge the professionalism and quality of a website just for the appearance.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that users want professional and attractive visual elements that encourage them to explore the web, without forgetting a good content strategy.

How would we define Graphic Design?

At this point you’ll be thinking: “OK, it’s important, but what is graphic design exactly when we talk about web pages? How should it be applied on the Internet?” We are going to analyze it within the online marketing sector and, especially, in relation to the SEO strategy.

The Graphic Design is the visual part of the communication that offers creative solutions to attract the attention of users.

Although it is a discipline within modern art, it is traditionally understood as a marketing tool and not as a work of art that is exhibited in museums.

Graphic Design in Online Marketing

Using elements of graphic design as part of a marketing strategy forces us to think beyond the aesthetic. It is necessary to carefully consider the concept to communicate, and analyze if visually you manage to transmit your message in a way that is understandable to the public.

For this reason brands seek to have good designers when working with their logos, web pages, signatures, brochures and other materials or you can get new logo design by free logo design tool, both printable and online.

The visual part has always been the most important in terms of attracting the attention of consumers, and this is even more relevant in the online world where competition is especially hard.

Brands must find the right balance between their image, SEO and social networks to be able to stand out.

Of all these essential elements, graphic design is fundamental when it comes to increasing the online visibility of a business and improving the reputation of a brand.

The visual content

Quality visual content promotes the feeling of authenticity, professionalism and credibility in businesses that know how to get the most out of it. Gaining the trust of online users is one of the main objectives common to all brands, and to err in that aspect can become one of the most difficult problems to solve.

First impressions count. And, at the same time, they may be the last. Visitors to your website will judge it during the first seconds of their visit, and if they do not like it, they will leave and it is likely that they will not return.

Getting to overcome that first moment with good grades, will greatly influence the relationship between that user and your site, affecting all SEO factors related to time, reputation and reliability.

In addition, the visual content not only affects what is graphic design, but has a direct relationship with other aspects of online marketing such as:

  • Social networks.
  • The search engines.
  • The conversions

Graphic Design and Social Networks

The professionals of the sector have shown over time that it is easier to get clicks through social networks if the contents that are shared are images. These attract more users than textual content.

It is a very relevant fact considering the weight that social networks currently have in terms of SEO: engagement and relationships between all communication channels are essential within positioning strategies.

The search engines take into account the amount of social actions that the sites get through social networks.

Moreover, they value that web pages contain buttons to share content through social networks, in a non-intrusive way. Of course, they must be visible and accessible so that users can easily share the content, products or services in their social community.

Graphic Design and Search Engines

The power and importance of visual content to attract visitors to your website is not debatable or negotiable. And, as we have already said, it has a direct relationship with SEO positioning since it helps to better index the page in search engines.

Still, we must bear in mind that search engine robots cannot identify the content of the images, but they can read the metadata included in the code of the websites. When using images, you must “translate” into text all the necessary information so that search engines can track and understand this type of content.

The most important fields when it comes to providing this information are:

  • The title alt.
  • The description.

Although you can use conceptual or abstract images, in this type of metadata you must include a clear description that allows search engines to understand what it is. In addition, it is essential to use the keywords related to your business whenever possible.

A good optimization of the images will help you to improve your navigation.

Graphic Design and Conversions

If you pursue an objective directly related to sales, use images to direct web traffic, maintain the attention of users, increase online visibility and impress your target audience will be very useful.

The correct use of graphic material will increase your chances of getting a loyal community of followers and potential buyers.

Attracting a large number of users will make it easier for you to increase your digital presence and turn you into a leader in the sector. With this type of actions it will be easier to generate credibility and authority both among search engines and among consumers, and this translates into more income.


Investing in a good team of professional designers who know well what graphic design is and its benefits for the business, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Once you are clear about what graphic design is and how it can influence the online success of your business, the next step is to get down to work. To be successful, your website and your content must stand out and be able to attract your target audience.

For this you have to know well the audience you want to address and what you like. In this way it will be easier to generate quality visual content that attracts users and retains them on your website.

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