GTA San Andreas Apk

In this article, we will show you How to Download GTA San Andreas Apk. Therefore, if you were searching for the best GTA San Andreas Apk, then congrats you have landed on the right page. Here, you will learn How you can easily install the GTA San Andreas Apk in your device. So read the complete article and you will get to learn more about the game. You will learn about its amazing features and a lot more.

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular Action Crime game. It is an open world game, where you are free to do anything. You can move around the city, explore new places. It all depends on you whether to take missions or not. You will enjoy the game with cool graphics and amazing sound quality. The missions included in the game are very interesting and engaging. You can easily get addicted to the game.


  • Name: GTA San Andreas Apk
  • Latest Version: V2.0
  • File Size: 1.75 GB
  • Supported Android OS: Android 3.0 and Later.
  • Genre: Crime Games, Action games, Free Arcade games
  • Last Updated: May 20, 2019


Before downloading and installing GTA San Andreas, read the amazing features that are given below.

1. Graphics:

The graphics of a game are one of the major factors behind the interaction level of players. Therefore, GTA San Andreas includes HD quality graphics for players. The animations used in the game are fantastic. And the colors and the visual effects used make everything more interesting and beautiful. All these double the excitement and engagement levels of the players. Makers were very well known about the fact that graphics and visual effects affect a lot to engage more players. And hence they introduced such an amazing quality of graphics, visual effects, and animations.

2. Cloud Support:

Whenever we play a game, it mostly happens that we lost the game progress. This mostly happens when there is no cloud support. But in the GTA San Andreas, you don’t have to worry about it. You will not lose your gameplay and game progress. The cloud will save it all. And it will also allow you to play your game on another device. You can play your game with the same game progress in all of your mobile devices. And that is for Rockstar Social club members. This feature offers great help to the players.

3. Customization:

Customization controls are one of the most important parts of a game. Because every player always looks for more customization controls. The more the player will get customization controls, the more will be the game becomes interactive and engaging. Therefore, GTA San Andreas gives you full customization control to customize the game. You are free to customize settings according to your needs and choice. This will also help the game to run smoothly on your device. You can customize settings like graphics settings, music, and other settings according to you. Not only this but you will get character and vehicle customization controls also. The game provides you a lot of options in terms of customization.

4. Compatibility:

When it comes to the compatibility of a game, then the GTA San Andreas game is compatible with MoGa wireless game controllers. The game is very good in terms of compatibility. It is compatible with so many options. As it is compatible with Bluetooth devices also. Not only Bluetooth devices but it will support other USB Gamepads also. Therefore it is one of the best features of the game. Because this feature allows players to play the game in any way that they want.

5. Sounds and Music:

Sounds and Music of a game are also one of the important factors that play an important part in engaging the players in the game. Whenever we watch a video, movie or play a game, then the music and sound effects make it more realistic and interactive. Without sound effects and music, we can not enjoy the game. Therefore GTA San Andreas comes with an amazing quality of Sound and Music. You will enjoy the gameplay with fantastic music and high-quality sound effects. The makers have added a list of the best music audios for the game with amazing sound effects that makes every movement more realistic and interactive.

6. Gameplay:

When we talk about the gameplay of the GTA San Andreas game, then it has amazing and attractive gameplay. We are talking about the gameplay because it is one of the factors which are responsible for increasing and decreasing the excitement level of players in the game. If a game will have interesting gameplay, then it will be preferred by all players. Otherwise, players will uninstall the game in no time. Therefore, GTA San Andreas includes Open world gameplay. You can freely move anywhere in the game according to your choice. You are free to do anything in the game. It is all upon you, whether to take missions or not. The game provides you the freedom to do anything.

7. Missions:

GTA San Andreas also has a lot of interesting missions and tasks to offer to its players. These missions make the game more interesting and engaging. Missions of a game always should be interesting. So that players feel them interesting while completing the game. Therefore, the makers of the GTA San Andreas added a lot of missions in the game. So that every player can choose any mission according to his interests. You can take racing missions, crime missions, driving missions and a lot more.

How To Download GTA San Andreas Apk

  1. First of all, Download GTA San Andreas Apk file.
  2. Then wait for a while to complete the downloading process.
  3. Then Turn Off the Internet Connection whether you are using WiFi or Cellular Data.
  4. Once done, then Extract the Obb file in the sdcard/Android/obb/. Or also you can copy the extracted folder com.rockstargames.gtasa to the sdcard/Android/obb/ folder.
    Note That: If you don’t find any obb folder in the Android folder, then create a new folder there and name it obb.
  5. After that, Open the game. If it is not showing “data files needed to download” error, then you can turn on the Internet Connection.

Final Verdict

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