Home Automation: How to Build Your Smart, Connected Home


In the Star Trek and Star Wars era, we used to see technology that was unimaginable in real life. Automatic doors, touch screens, voice controlled devices were a thing of magic that amazed us. And, to most of us, they somehow seemed as only things of fiction.

In the last 20 years, technology has evolved so much that sometimes it seems very hard to actually keep up. We have touch screens in our pockets with more processing power than even the computers that brought the first humans to moon had. We have artificial intelligence where we can control everything from everywhere at all times, even with our voices.

Nowadays, most of our devices are smart, with functions that allow us to control and manage our daily routine easily from anywhere. Devices like smart TVs, phones, video conferencing equipment, music players, doors, garden utilities, light bulbs, kitchen appliances, heating systems can all be automated to our own desires and needs. This is also where home automation precisely comes in:

What is Home Automation?

Best Smart home devices are all the devices that you can connect and control your home (or office) remotely and wirelessly. Controlling you home from your couch has become so easy that you can setup everything on your phone on a single app and manage them with ease. Although, we are not yet at a point where home automation works perfectly, the makers of these solutions are improving constantly.

What Are the Advantages of Home Automation?

The advantage of having an automated home is the simplicity of functions, which  you can also manage across multiple platforms, regardless of the device you’re on or the fact that you may not even be at home. You can control your home and everything in it, such as lights, security and heating systems while out for a drink or running different errands.

How Can I Control My Smart Home?

Control My Smart Home

If you have to get up and turn your lights on, then your home is not automated. It is not smart. The comfort of pulling out your phone, opening an app and managing the lights is what makes home automation a great solution. A more perfect solution perhaps is not having to do this from the app but, directly through voice controlled commands: “Alexa, dim the lights”, “OK, Google, play Game of Thrones”. These are the options that make life easier, and definitely more pleasant. At times, you can even brag about it to your friends.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Philips, and so many other manufacturers offer devices and appliances that offer automation choices for your home. Let’s take Amazon Alexa for example. You can connect your living room, kitchen appliances, bedroom, bathroom and even your garden and control everything at once, in one place.

Imagine the relief of entering your home and simply asking your automated voice assistant to just simply turn the lights on, let alone other more advanced commands!

You can even set up home automation products to turn your lights on automatically as soon as your presence is detected in the room. This is known as the motion detection feature. Or, turn your TV on to your favorite show or channel. You can also set up your music playing devices to follow you in every room. If you are listening to music in your living room and you start walking towards your bedroom – the music follows you without having to lift a finger. Isn’t life amazing!

If you feel cold while taking a bath, all you have to do is adjust the temperature on your app. It is that simple. And it’s getting simpler with every passing day. Manufacturers like Samsung, Philips, Apple and many others are improving their devices and solutions to make them simpler and smarter for a more seamless experience.

What? Can I Automate My Home?

Cross-platform devices are a thing of everyday life. You can receive a message or an email on your email account, which you can read on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even your smart watch. It really is up to you!
You can automate anything through Wi-Fi or a cable connection to the Internet. You can connect the devices you have with one another to operate as one single, unified device – as more and more devices are becoming compatible with one another. With voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana among others, your smart home control cannot go wrong.

Did you ever hear Alexa and Google talk to each other? It sure sounds amazing and scary at the same time, but it most certainly makes life easier.

A Smart Home? That Sounds Expensive!

With so many options and so much competition out there, smart  home system are becoming cheaper by the day. You can easily build a connected smart home on a budget. Devices like the Echo Dot, Google Home or Philips Hue are relatively cheap and are also easy to setup without a lot of prior technological knowledge required. It is definitely worth the little extra spend.

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