5 Hottest Tech Skills

5 Hottest Tech Skills

Because of the advancements in technology, jobs in this sector continue to thrive and outpace jobs in other sectors. However, when we look at the ever evolving technology sector, it’s not surprising that we find that some tech-based skills have been found to be more useful than others. So which of these skills have been found to be most beneficial?

Based on data provided by the most popular job sites, it has been identified that the top 5 biggest movers, skills wise, based on the kinds of jobs that have been posted. In order for it to be considered a required skill, it would have to appear in no less than 1,000 job postings every single day.

Based on the amount of criminal activity online, it’s not surprising that cyber security is amongst one of the more popular skills people are after.

With that said, here are 5 tech-skills that you may want to consider investing in, if you want that high paying computer job


This is an open source IT automation tool that has gained a considerable amount of popularity, as a result of patronisation from some big tech players. Puppet Labs received a large amount of investment funding, in the last year alone. It’s been projected that employers will be looking for tech professionals with experience in this tool for management jobs, for some time into the future.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a company situated in San Francisco; it’s a cloud-based company that offers global application support for services, marketing sales, cloud PaaS and collaboration. Because of their ever expanding influence, due to the services that they provide, it’s safe to say that employees will be looking for people with experience and knowhow in the utilisation of this service for some time to come.

  1. Cloud/SaaS

Peter Danchak is an IT professional that has been working in the field for more than 25 years, over the past century, he has witnessed more and more companies migrate much of their services over to the cloud.

Danchak as a result now works in cloud technologies, supporting engineers carry out integration into the architecture that is required for the cloud. He has been able to gain these skills by teaching himself and also by training, paid for by his company, and these skills have also helped to pad up his resume.

The cloud is growing quite considerable, in terms of usage, due to the opportunities it creates for workers and companies.

When it comes to cloud computing, there is no single skill associated with all of it; rather you will find that companies are looking for a number of different skills, all of which are cloud-related.

Software engineers with cloud experience are the kind of job ads that you see littered everywhere. So if you’re looking for a skill to acquire, then you should definitely consider anything and everything cloud-related.

  1. Hadoop

This open source Apache framework has started to gain a lot of traction due to more and more companies requiring the interpretation of massive amounts of stored data. Companies typically look for Hadoop professionals who also have NoSQL experience, so you may want to consider both, to increase your chances of getting work in this field.

  1. Technical Support

There are many companies out there looking for service desk managers. These companies tend to have pretty high standards, irrespective of the amount of competition that they face trying to acquire the best person for the job.

Usually they want someone who can handle support tickets, and can also help with policies, best practices and procedures.

Technical support agents remain in really high demand due to technologies pervasiveness.

This is also why it’s so important that these companies find the correct candidate for the job. Although technical support is typically seen as an entry-level position, many companies require their candidates to have a broad range of knowledge of many different things, such as hardware components and software systems, this is so they can handle a wide range of requests while working within the organisation.

Technical support jobs are seen as the most in-demand tech-related jobs right now. Salaries range from $36,000 per year to $80,500, depending on which Tier you work in.

So when it comes to tech jobs, you may want to consider support. Although, it can be a quite broad topic, which means, learn as much as possible to ensure you’re effectiveness in this field.

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