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Here is How to Fix Printing Issues in Different Printers

Do you find printer very useful? But what if your printer gives birth to different printing issues?  Mentioned below are some common printing problems and their solutions:

  1. What to do if the printer does not print?

Numerous reasons are there for which your printer can stop printing. Listed below are the possible reasons:

  • There may be an error message or the printer may give a warning light.
  • There may not be paper in the tray.
  • The ink cartridges may be empty.
  • The USB cable may not be plugged in.
  • The printer is not connected to Wi-Fi.

Always make sure that the correct printer is selected in the program from which you are printing. In order to fix issues you can follow below listed tips:

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Then go to Devices and Printer.
  • Finally try to troubleshoot the problem by tapping on the printer icon.
  1. What to do if you are unable to print from your phone or tablet?
  • If you are trying to print from an iPhoneiPad or iPod Touch, you should keep in mind that the printer must be wireless as well as it should support Air Print. Some old modeled printers don’t support Air Print and create issues. If you have a Mac with a printer attached, by using Handy Print you can make it a wireless printer.
  • If you want to print from any Android phone or tablet to PC, you can do it by using Google Print Cloud. In order to print from Android device follow the provided steps:
  • From Google Play Store install Cloud Print on the Android device.
  • Use Google Chrome on the PC and go to Menu, Settings, advanced settings and at last tap Manage.
  • Now you can connect the printer attached to the PC.
  • Switch on the PC and the printer, and now you can easily print from your Android device.
  • Some Samsung galaxy phones, tablets and printers are manufactured in such a way so that they can work together and printing is straightforward there.

  1. How to fix problems by replacing the cartridges?
  • Usually Printers inform before the ink runs out. But don’t install new cartridges before the former stops printing.
  • If the color ink expires, you can make black and white print. You will find the setting in the Control Panel of the printer properties.
  1. What to do if you can’t print Excel documents and web pages properly?
  • If you want to print an Excel document you need to keep in mind the below listed tips:
  • Before clicking on the print option make sure that you select only the required cells.
  • Choosing the ‘Print Selection’ you can change other options to make the sheet fit on A4 paper.
  • If you want to reduce the size of the margins, switch from landscape to portrait orientation.
  • As Web pages are not limited by the height or width of the paper in your printer, always check the print preview option to see what will come out on the paper.

In spite of following the provided tips, if you are still struggling with printing issue in your printer, without wasting time consult with the experts at hp customer service number.

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