Increase your traffic with Pinterest

Do you have a website or blog and are looking for a way to boost its traffic? Have you considered using Pinterest? Indeed, it is not a social network like the others. In fact, it is a powerful search engine. By regularly pinning your content, you will get qualified traffic. Of course, your pins must be optimized, and your quality articles to be attractive. But unlike other networks, you don’t need to have a notoriety to seduce the platform’s algorithm. Once your website already has content, you can open a business account on the network. Here are some practical tips to increase your traffic through Pinterest.

How Pinterest Works

It is an image-based network. When you are logged in, you navigate on a scrollable page, filled with visuals. Behind each visual hide content and a link to a website. This is called a pin. Each of them is recorded on a table. This is a thematic medium where you come to group your content. Site users can choose to subscribe to your account. However, it is not necessary for it to be found. Pinterest is a search engine. When a user types a keyword in the search bar which is at the top of the page, it can naturally land on one of your pins. He can also share it by saving it in his own tables. This is how the content spreads with great ease.

A good Pin can go viral and be re-pinned hundreds or thousands of times. The contents of your website are then highlighted by many users and bring you qualified traffic. Indeed, if many people have saved your pins, it is because your content has interested them. They are therefore potential customers or professionals who are likely to have an audience close to yours.

Creating a business account on Pinterest

Creating a pro account on Pinterest, it’s very simple. Simply:

carefully fill in all the fields of your profile;

write a bio that clearly presents your activity;

Put your logo or profile picture on your page;

Insert keywords in the text of the “About” section as well as a call to action or a link.

Opting for a professional account rather than a classic account allows you to obtain statistics in particular. As well enjoy! In order to access it, however, you will need to claim your website. To do this, do not hesitate to rely on the help of Pinterest which will give you all the information to enter a few lines of code on your site. Thanks to this manipulation, you will have access to Pinterest analytics which will allow you to study your traffic.

Then create your tables. It is necessary to have at least twenty containing at least ten pins. The goal is that a visitor who discovers your account finds it immediately attractive. To do this, work on different aspects:

the choice of tables, their content, and title;

the cover of the tables, with an appropriate image and text;

the visuals that make up the pins;

the description of the pins.

Attractive pins to attract visitors

To make a pin attractive, bet everything on the image. This is what will allow you to increase your traffic thanks to Pinterest:

the pin must imperatively be of vertical format;

the aspect ratio must be 2:3 (for example, an image 1000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels high);

the visual chosen represents your content (you can absolutely use that of your article);

the title should be at the top of the pin;

the link to your website is to be placed on the image so that it is known that it is your content;

the description of the pin is to be filled in using specific keywords.

The trick: To find query ideas, do a search yourself on Pinterest. Many proposals for complementary themes will appear at the top of the page, once the search has been launched. Note which ones are relevant and then include them in your Pin descriptions.

A board dedicated to its own site to increase its traffic thanks to Pinterest

A mistake not to make on the platform is to pin only your own content. This social network is also and above all a place of exchange. You must be active and interact with other accounts for the algorithm to be interested in you.

When you create a board, look for interesting Pins and add them to it. You should start by posting 80% off-site content and 20% personal content. But to put the odds on your side, create a table dedicated to your site. It will bear the same name as this one. You will include:

your latest blog posts;

your landing pages for your bonuses;

your “About” page;

your services page.

As soon as you post new content on your site or blog, make a point of pinning it there. Also, add it to other tables that deal with the same subject. Thus, it will appear in the middle of relevant content that comes from different sources. To come up with compelling articles to pin to your board, hire ghost writers.

To increase your traffic through Pinterest even more extensively, insert your pins into your blog posts and add a Pin it button. With this extension, your site visitors will be able to directly pin your content on Pinterest.

Mastery of the Pinterest algorithm to boost its visibility

Pinterest’s algorithm is demanding. For an account to be considered attractive and for its pins to be highlighted by the site, it must be active. Your account can easily become an acquisition channel if it is managed with extreme regularity and pinned a large amount of content. Therefore, add a minimum of twenty pins per day, at various times throughout the day. The ideal would even be to share about fifty pins each day to obtain rapid results.

This work may seem colossal. So, to manage your account efficiently, use a platform that allows you to schedule your pins, like Tailwind. By scheduling posts throughout the day, you send a positive signal to the algorithm and your traffic can increase dramatically.

In addition, for the same content, do not hesitate to create several pins. Indeed, this allows it to be disseminated more widely. Also, in 2020, Pinterest’s algorithm favors fresh content. For example, for the same article, you can make three different pins, choosing other visuals. You thus publish the same link several times and you increase your chance of being visible.

Optimizing the description of your pins

Pinterest is a search engine that needs to optimize your content. When inserting keywords, do so in a natural way, like when writing a blog post. The social network takes this aspect into account. Like Google, it ranks pins on its results page in the order it deems relevant to the query typed in the search bar. The more a pin is a broadcast, the more it will be highlighted by the algorithm.

As for the aspect of the chosen image, it is important to be spotted by the visitor. However, don’t forget that your editorial content must also be of high quality if you want it to be shared. Do not hesitate to recruit a web editor to put the odds on your side.

To sum up, increasing your traffic through Pinterest requires both:

the regular production of qualitative editorial content;

the creation of attractive pins and their publication with an optimized description.

But be careful, be patient: the first results come after 90 days minimum. In addition, pins with a well-written description can also appear in Google results.  This is another advantage to increasing your visibility.  Also discover other ways to improve your traffic in this article.


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